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How It’s Made Orange Juice

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    They didn’t talk about how they extract the oxygen from the orange juice to preserve it but as a result they add artificial sweeteners and orange flavoring in order to make it taste like orange juice but also allow the same, consistent flavor to be mass produced. That’s why orange juice can sit in the fringe for a very very long time and taste like any other container from the same brand. Also the amount of sugar they add is generally just under or on par with soda/pop.

    When this video was made it definitely wasn’t made to be informative. It was made to be advertisement.

    Go to 5:40 on the CBC video

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    Africans invented oranges and orange juice.

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    When you scroll to read comments while watching the videos & realize you're early 🤦‍♀️

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    All the info isn't true but I still like oranges and orange juice.

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    Can I get a thumbs up for those delicious flavor packs?

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    When are you going to stop putting a giant thumbnail over the center at the end of your videos… 😒

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    black people smoke Newports

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    Maybe they just

    juice the oranges?

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    At least Florida rain is not a cold rain most of the time. Unlike our rain here in Washington State. Where its always a cold rain. Even in the summer.

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    Dont want to know about the diffrence of cocacola original and zero. They just the same

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    I love that the narrator says america drinks a lot of OJ then proceeds to use the metric system to say how much we drink. I DON'T SPEAK LITERS

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    Must they stand in the actual rain while filming. We got it. Rain ain’t nothin to florida

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    4:48 when did oranges suddenly get pits?

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    Orange juice causes just as many cavities as coke, it's a fruit which has fiber and other things in it that they remove so you just have sugar not fruit juice. Plus how many oranges make one cup? And how many oranges before it becomes a detriment to your health?

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    What about pasteurization and additives? This is the most bs how it's made I've seen so far. What about how most is made from concentrate? I didn't learn anything here.

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    i want to know what they do with the left over peel and bits when they are done. does it get put in the ground? aka fertilizer?

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    Everything is in Metric… WHY? This is America not England

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    The most bitter most disgusting oranges come from Florida. Sadly American orange juice taste like rusty metal pipe. It doesn’t taste like orange juice and certainly nothing close to the delicious orange juice found in Europe.

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    Dislike. This video has so many biased.

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    I new oj was not made from oranges

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    I don’t understand why the British documentaries pick such girly-man voices as narrators. I saw the American version of this and the narrator was much more baritone and seemed more powerful

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    They seem to have left out how they remove the pesticides and fungicides that are sprayed all over the oranges.

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    Professional orange juice taster…

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    I've never seen that many oranges IN MY LIFE!!untill now…

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    Actually the color AND fruit was named after the tree

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    I prefer freshed squeezed oj. All that other juice is not pure

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    dang id like to be an orang joos taste tester

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    The two men Sucking on the oranges in the gjant orchard saying “can’t beat that” I’m pretty sure you can, sucking on disgusting pesticide covered, industrially fertilized Fruits

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