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How It’s Made Natural Baking Soda

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  1. Avatar

    It's really nice to see the roots of what goes into my cocaine

  2. Avatar

    This guy has the best how it’s made voice

  3. Avatar

    Can’t believe I eat grounded up mineral 😃

  4. Avatar

    So they went from solution coming from the earth right to USP grade by just one crystallization? Wow…

  5. Avatar

    2:55 where does the dry sodium bicarbonate come from tho?

  6. Avatar

    "Wet cake screw" eh?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Avatar

    It's great for sandblasting. Less harsh than the silicon sand and not as dangerous when inhaled.

  8. Avatar

    But where did they get the first 3%-hydration baking soda!

  9. Avatar

    Just like grandma used to make!

  10. Avatar

    There's something very Dr. Seuss about these machines.

  11. Avatar

    baking soda I got baking soda, whip it to glass, I'm blowing money fast!

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