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How Its Made Mushrooms

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  1. Avatar

    Okay okay… I actually didnt know mushrooms breathed oxygen….

  2. Avatar

    Deliver boy:mario we have your 6 million mushrooms
    Mario:ya hoo

  3. Avatar

    this music sounds like it was made on mushrooms

  4. Avatar

    Uh fungi don't have roots they have mycelium

  5. Avatar

    This causes plumbers to grow????

  6. Avatar

    what? green plants breath oxigen and expire co2? so, the trees are taking all the oxygen? wtf discovery?

  7. Avatar

    "they are fun guy"
    Cant unhear this now

  8. Avatar

    They called me "Mushroom" in high school. They said I was a real fungi (fun guy).

  9. Avatar

    Wait….the dirt under the mushroom is poop?

  10. Avatar

    Is it weird I wanna Boop them…they’re sooo cute

  11. Avatar

    I just learned that mushrooms “breathe” …wow

  12. Avatar

    don't judge the mushroom for its food

  13. Avatar

    thats why we call it mushroom policy.

    keep them in the dark and feed them shit

  14. Avatar

    Glad I go for the precooked button mushrooms…didnt know button mushrooms were grown in manure.

  15. Avatar

    -I thought you said you were a fun guy?
    -lol noo a fungi

  16. Avatar

    You know, as much as they have to turn, and as often as they have to turn it, maybe they should just buy a few 5,000 gallon tanks to do the "mixing". Jut like cement trucks, but 5 times the size.

  17. Avatar

    I thought this was a huggbees post

  18. Avatar

    That is why the best mushroom is the one you find on your own (because it doesnt grow on poop and has a lower chance of eating poop)

    Dont eat mushrooms you find unless you have researched it properly.

  19. Avatar

    I would not have been able to sleep if I didn’t watch this video. Thank you lol

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