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How It’s Made: Mascara

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  1. Avatar

    Me: is cool😃
    Girls: look 10 others mascara videos and say is cool

  2. Avatar

    I love you so much you're videos are so enterasting and sorry if my english is bad i'm argentinian

  3. Avatar
    『αмαяα αяιєllє』

    Me randomly watching this cause why not

  4. Avatar

    3 views and 34 likes ! Explain that

  5. Avatar

    Girl in high school: WAH! MY MAKE UP IS RUINED!!! [drips mascara on her eyes]

    Me: Mommy, pick me up! I'm scared.

  6. Avatar

    I used to watch this all the time, I especially liked when the teacher was being lazy and put this on for class 😆 good times

  7. Avatar

    Apparently u know nothing about mascara😂😂😂
    I live in mascara

  8. Avatar

    Lol this the earliest I've been to one of these videos

  9. Avatar
    Mouseman Animations


  10. Avatar
    Mouseman Animations

    This is just so interesting

  11. Avatar

    Every time I visited my grandpa as a kid we'd sit in the living room and watch this on TV non-stop. Learned a lot of useless information, but I made a lot of good memories, too.

  12. Avatar
    Camila Gisselle

    Was literally wondering how mascara is made last night. This is neat!

  13. Avatar

    thank heavens it's not that lady narrating

  14. Avatar

    Mascara… so complex, who would have guessed 😂

  15. Avatar
    Christopher Gaspar

    1:12 so that's vitamin E

  16. Avatar
    Brittany Moneymaker

    How do you effectively apply mascara without a mirror? I would have needed eye surgery probably

  17. Avatar
    Brittany Moneymaker

    Also am 💀 @ “The color is black, because she is making black mascara”

  18. Avatar

    Makeup is such an interesting thing

  19. Avatar

    I had no idea it was so sophisticated.

  20. Avatar

    Formulation and production is actually pretty fascinating in the cosmetics industry

  21. Avatar
    Predatory Mistress

    i'm not very funny ☂

  22. Avatar

    Me: I bored. why I am watching this?

  23. Avatar

    This is one hell of a chemical soup!

  24. Avatar

    Only skanks wear makeup

  25. Avatar
    Green Eyes in China

    That label is so cheap!

  26. Avatar
    Rachel van der Looij

    The background music is really soothing tho

  27. Avatar

    how its made is one of the best shows on science channel idc what anybody says

  28. Avatar

    So this is what I watch when I get really high

  29. Avatar

    Thought there was bat shit In the mascara unless they don’t show that part 😂

  30. Avatar

    2:36 yes sis spill the tea

  31. Avatar

    2:30 T-E-A
    That's spelled Tea, the one you drink….

  32. Avatar

    Lol lol lol

  33. Avatar

    why everyone in this factory is on slow motion mood

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