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How It’s Made Marbles

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    20/26 top comments are about the last few seconds

  2. Avatar

    But anybody else catch what she said at the right at the very end about it being object

  3. Avatar

    If I would get a penny for every pixel in this video, I’d still be broke..

  4. Avatar

    We need that how it’s actually made of this

  5. Avatar

    I miss watching this everyday before school.

  6. Avatar

    We ain't ever know anyone that bought these, they just appeared at random then disappeared again

  7. Avatar

    Do you really have to ruin every video with a big fat ad in the middle of the screen for the last 15 seconds or so?

  8. Avatar

    people have been playing with small balls-

  9. Avatar

    I feel like I can really enjoy this video in full 9p

  10. Avatar

    Very cool! As for the center ad at the end, it goes away if you drag the video down a tad (on your phone) and hold it there till the end.

  11. Avatar

    I'm just impressed that she pronounced "objet d' art" correctly.

  12. Avatar

    I’ve seen this video like 20 times lol

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    Omg! U can soooo tell that his video was shot right in front of some dudes TV!

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    Wtf this video looks so old and it’s made in 2018

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