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How It’s Made Magnets

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  1. Avatar

    I always thought they let the metal cool in a strong magnetic field

  2. Avatar

    that got dark quick why would they use flammable stuff that's really dangerous

  3. Avatar

    :18 get out off her
    1:51 I don't know why but I thought that man was going to break the metal bare in have like a twicks

  4. Avatar

    Anyone else watching this in 2015?

  5. Avatar

    No wonder why N.S. magnet has like 27 girlfriends

  6. Avatar

    What an incredibly manual process… this job looks tiring lol

  7. Avatar

    So this machine can make any metal a magnet

  8. Avatar

    its that magnetic globe from curious george

  9. Avatar

    Somebody get this video to ICP immediately!

  10. Avatar

    Whatever happened to the original narrator? He was best…

  11. Avatar

    "so what do you do for a living?" …"I make magnets…"

  12. Avatar

    See? It takes energy to make a magnet, and energy is lost in the process. a magnet motor even if you could make one isnt free energy.

  13. Avatar

    2:12 I really thought dude was in shorts.

  14. Avatar

    I was always wondering how it's made

  15. Avatar

    lmao at 2:20 i thought this must be a parody

  16. Avatar

    Pffff. The strongest magnet is the bed after work

  17. Avatar

    I want that badass globe and magnets set 👌👌 Looks so cool

  18. Avatar

    That process looks so inefficient tho

  19. Avatar

    This is an old video. I think I saw this in the 80s when I was in elementary school🤔. Do they still make magnets this way?

  20. Avatar

    This process appears to be outdated. In this video they're still using analog voltmeters

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