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How It’s Made: Kimchi

Learn how kimchi is made at a processing plant!

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  1. Avatar

    And I thought it was fermented pasta and tomato sauce

  2. Avatar

    All the Koreans watching this:

  3. Avatar

    Is it really kimchi? Who is the boss of this company?

  4. Avatar

    Even if you extract ginger essence, you still won't find a soul.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    This could be a Kimchi but don't expect it to be good

  7. Avatar

    I always thought it had too much sodium.. I did a search and there is a low sodium kimchi for people with hypertension.( which should watch their intake already) It also mentioned how high sodium is bad for the kidneys. I have ringing in my ears when I have salty foods and ice cream seems to cause back pain that might be my kidneys. But usually my blood pressure tests are normal. So, these tests aren't always accurate and need to test ourselves with our own monitors before and after.. just like blood sugar..it seems.

  8. Avatar

    I’m not Korean but even I know that’s not kimchi

  9. Avatar

    No one:
    Not a single soul:

    Koreans: * surprise pikachu face *

  10. Avatar

    WTF is vegan kimchi? its fermented veggies how is that vegan or non vegan

  11. Avatar

    저게 뭔 김치야 말도 안돼

  12. Avatar

    this looks like cabbage pickle, not kimchi. different ingredients. not properly fermented.

  13. Avatar

    I am human and the making process in this video is wasting resource.

  14. Avatar

    What the hell is this abomination? The audacity of this factory?!

  15. Avatar

    You know its not good kimchi if its not red!

  16. Avatar

    This looks like something pretentious rich people buy.

  17. Avatar

    Vegan Kimchi? There is NO meat in Kimchi! WTF??????

  18. Avatar

    you ever try to buy outrageous in price, probably dont even taste good, same way to make sourkrut

  19. Avatar

    I'm not Korean and even I know that's not kimchi!!! What an insult!

  20. Avatar

    I, from South Korea, am pretty sure that this is NOT the normal Kimchi we say.

  21. Avatar

    For everyone saying this is not Kimchi. It is. There are 100 or maybe even 1000 types of different Kimchis. Calm down.

  22. Avatar

    it looks like they make nice pickled vegetables. I'm not getting kimchi vibes per se but white american yuppies gotta have their bland imitations of foreign "health foods" so why not

  23. Avatar

    this makes me uncomfortable. ive made kimchi and this isn't really anywhere near it. Where's the radish?

  24. Avatar

    Why do America always want to take other country traditional food and make it to their own. Like seriously! This thing you called Kimchi is disgusting, insulting and a disgrace!
    You should never ever make a video of a food being made in America when it’s from another country. You guys made it seems like you guys were the first to make it.

    I’m reporting this!

  25. Avatar

    I mean.. technically?? Its kimchi????
    Like white kimchi [that's literally what it's called in korean] but that also includes a splash of vinegar
    It's not REALLY kimchi if it doesnt have red pepper flakes gochugaru*
    And its blasphemous to mix with a dough hook instead of strong korean grandma/ mom arms
    But yea, sure brad, this is technically kimchi

  26. Avatar

    i heard that it was vegan and i knew from there that it wouldn’t be actually kimchi

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