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How It’s Made Ketchup

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  1. Avatar

    3:10 I know this doesnt matter but it bothers me how uneven the amounts are in the bottles.

  2. Avatar

    it looks like a video from the past 🤣

  3. Avatar

    Me watching shaddow dancing and browsing my recommended: hmmmm nothing goo-
    Sees how its made ketchup

  4. Avatar

    Its not catch-up, its ketchup.

  5. Avatar

    That was such a wholesome introduction

  6. Avatar

    I say "ketch-up" like "sketch up", not "catch up". You?

  7. Avatar

    Ketchup doesn't protect you from cancer it causes it. Its the worst condiment you can consume but nice video.

  8. Avatar

    She forgot people put ketchup on eggs

  9. Avatar

    I know people who put ketchup on pizza

  10. Avatar

    The workers don't wear face masks, and lean over those bins. What all falls into the mix?

  11. Avatar

    Dead horse or ketchup? Reply below which u prefer

  12. Avatar

    Omg. Did this bitch really just put ketchup ON the fries?

  13. Avatar

    If you put ketchup on Macaroni you’re a serial killer

  14. Avatar

    i bet that factory is way less professional with no cameras

  15. Avatar

    Calling it "agave nectar" doesn't hide the fact that it's just sugar syrup. Doesn't matter if it comes from cane, beets, agave, or my balls. I'll eat sugar, but it bothers me when they try to hide it.

  16. Avatar

    220 it sprays out in pulses like an ejaculating dick XD

  17. Avatar

    Ketchup is 65% pure sugar!! 🤮 🤮

  18. Avatar

    Made to weeks ago, but it looks like it was posted 11 years ago

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