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How It’s Made Jeans

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  1. Avatar

    You can tell how old these videos are, not just the black bars, but the oldschool techniques!

  2. Avatar

    I'm ass naked just got out the tub and im hot

  3. Avatar

    I thought it said how it’s made jesus

  4. Avatar

    I’ll say it again. Take the extra minute and fix the outros

  5. Avatar

    Can never see the end product because they put a preview of another video right in the center of the screen at the end. 👎

  6. Avatar

    you should show how HD videos are ma- oh wait, you have no idea, do you?

  7. Avatar

    that preview at the end is like a middle finger

  8. Avatar

    Most expensive part of manufacturing jeans is done by a guy wearing just a pair of overalls…

  9. Avatar

    I always wondered how they distressed jeans

  10. Avatar

    Bro what the fuck no one asked for the narrators opinion on what's fashionable. Fuck off I like stone washed

  11. Avatar

    🐥 hey, the pop up video box blocked the ending of video. i would have liked to seen the end before getting directed to another video, darn it. great video though ! 🐥

  12. Avatar

    how are takis made what are they made of ?

  13. Avatar

    So much time and effort to wear the jeans down before sale lol.

  14. Avatar

    This explains why jeans are expensive

  15. Avatar

    So washing them with rocks is mock worthy, but scuffing them with sandpaper, actual sand, and chemicals is normal… the entire process should stop after the buttons

  16. Avatar

    to get rid of the annoying preview: if you press ctr+shift+c, a tab will pop up at the bottom or side and you will be able to select parts of the website, once you've selected your interest look at the lines of code in the popped up tab and delete whatever is selected. you may need to do this several times since the preview link has several layers (or delete the parent layer). This is only a temporary change as the preview link will come back if you reload the page. I imagine a grease monkey script would make for a more permanent solution.

  17. Avatar

    Good for History, as is 20 years old. Not like today's methods

  18. Avatar

    Why are these videos like 20 years old?

  19. Avatar

    3:40 that dude must think he is in a stop club lmao

  20. Avatar

    I love all of your videos but I can never see the finish product due to the annoying recommendation video that you put at the end of all of your videos but you need to start putting your recommendations videos at the very end of your videos like all of the other YouTube channels do. I love how you say they take the cut out fabric to the noisy sewing hole😍😂😭

  21. Avatar

    That fucking thing at the middle..

  22. Avatar

    I actually bought a pair of pants recently that had one of those stones in one of the pockets

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