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How It’s Made Ice Cream

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  1. Avatar

    bag tradition exciting offer regard productive child artistic us.

  2. Avatar

    Thats a tiny amount of ice cream in the cone…

  3. Avatar

    When you're bored so you watch discovery science on a PC and an episode about ice cream shows up

  4. Avatar

    Loving the annotation that pops up at the end and blocks my view entirely.

  5. Avatar

    Wait so do Americans call milk cream?

  6. Avatar

    Anyone noticed the rusty devices!!!

  7. Avatar

    The sandwich machine looks like it would give one helluva handjob.

  8. Avatar

    "140 ice-cream each minute"
    Soooo… 73584000 ice-cream each year?

  9. Avatar

    How their 20 mills view with the usa 95 percent are fat and they love chocolate lol jk dont get but hurt lol

  10. Avatar

    "to make ice cream treats, you first have to make the ice cream"
    …. Well naw duh

  11. Avatar

    Thumbnail appears dead centre of video at the end. Needs to fix that

  12. Avatar

    (Numberblocks Poop And Youtube Poop) Baby Talking Tom And Friends Minis

  13. Avatar

    Talking Tom And Friends Become To Six Blocks And Become Numberblocks, When Killed, My Eyes Died

  14. Avatar

    Yall dont see those rusted ass machines holding the ice cream sandwiches?

  15. Avatar

    Everything in this world is all about non-dairy CREAMER! Creamer in your ice cream, creamer in your cereal, creamer in your 3 in 1 coffee, creamer in your boba tea (yes, chinese boba tea!), Creamer in literally everything. Enjoy them all.

  16. Avatar

    Ia ser otimo se tivesse legenda ou dublagem, o canal parece ser mt bom.

  17. Avatar

    Ok so are we just NOT going to talk about the last line

  18. Avatar

    How Do They Film This? Sometimes Its Dangerous For Them To Go There.

  19. Avatar

    Someone puts a fresh bag of chocolate wafers into that machine each minute for 12 hours a shift.

  20. Avatar

    I recognized it was Chapman's right away, lol

  21. Avatar

    Can you guys make a show about how cigarette is made?

  22. Avatar

    ice cream is made by heating it up

  23. Avatar

    Where do you get the clips for your vids??? I rlly want to know😢😢😢

  24. Avatar

    Imagin losing your glasses in one of the mixers

  25. Avatar

    wow amazing! from Libya 🇱🇾

  26. Avatar

    There is also a small mount of anti freeze just a fun fact

  27. Avatar

    What an awful place to put an ad. Right in the middle of the entire screen with no way to move it or X out.

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