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How It’s Made Hot Dogs

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  1. Avatar

    Finally a high quality video. Thanks uploader !

  2. Avatar

    I've never been happier to be a vegetarian

  3. Avatar

    These aren't dildos they won't sell.

  4. Avatar

    1:59 “meat batter”. Now that’s a term you don’t hear normally

  5. Avatar

    if every porkchop were perfect, we wouldnt have hotdogs

  6. Avatar

    So someone's job in this factory is "Wiener Inspector"?

  7. Avatar

    I work in one of these factories as sanitation cleaning the equipment. It's as gross as youd imagine

  8. Avatar

    Welp the #1 mystery is solved, hotdogs are made from chicken, pork, and beef (

  9. Avatar

    The stuff they start with is called "nonsense meat", the stuff leftover after they've sold all the real meat.

  10. Avatar

    It's like a hotdogocaust every day.

  11. Avatar

    Hotdogs are nasty, it's like recycled meat

  12. Avatar

    I'm never eating hot dogs again😐🤢 that's just nasty

  13. Avatar

    It would be nice to see the end of the videos, but you have placed a big preview over it.

  14. Avatar

    I thought dogs are burned in those factory

  15. Avatar

    Who else still eats hotdogs aft this documentary?

  16. Avatar

    This is just disgusting.
    (takes a bite out of hot dog with a bun and ketchup/relish) Oh god that's good
    Absolutely disgusting.

  17. Avatar

    Childhood mystery solved! Now I know why once in a while there's that hot dog with the irregular end. It was the hot dog that just happened to be draped over the rack like shown at 2:44

  18. Avatar

    I will never eat sausage again 🤢🤢🤮🤮😵😵

  19. Avatar

    the most american video on youtube

  20. Avatar

    Filthy mc nasty!💩💩💩

  21. Avatar

    This video sums up true repressed homosexuality

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