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How It’s Made Graphite Pencil Leads

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  1. Avatar

    I wanted to see how they stick into the wood!

  2. Avatar

    Steadler is what I use for my drawing

  3. Avatar

    Bro Timmy turners dad explained it better

  4. Avatar

    2:02 Silver Surfer Holding Peters ashes. (Avengers: Endgame)

  5. Avatar

    Those miners not wearing masks. 🤔

  6. Avatar

    So they have lead thats mildly plyable and less likely to brake while using it, then they fire it in a kiln so its super brittle and breaks when used

  7. Avatar

    Who the hell is this woman…. Where's our original how itsade guide!!!!! No bueno….

  8. Avatar

    Clearly I’ve used many crappy pencils in my lifetime. I’ve had few that worked as well as the one at the beginning of the video.

  9. Avatar

    Alright, now I'll go watch how things actually are made.

  10. Avatar

    that's how they make my favorite snack

  11. Avatar

    It takes so much of an effort to make a pencil?

  12. Avatar

    The music wasn't loud enough, next time don't even bother with the narrator just blast the damn music to billion percent, wtf.

  13. Avatar

    Did you know despite the name lead core of the pencils isn't lead WORLD IS AMAZING

  14. Avatar

    scratches eye after dunking hand in graphite

  15. Avatar

    Seems like a huge pain in the ass process

  16. Avatar

    I now know why pencils are so expensive 👌👌👌😶😶😶

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