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How It’s Made Frozen Pizza

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  1. Avatar

    I hope that someone will find this episode in a better quality

  2. Avatar

    Most important, avoid putting much cheese on the pizza or else it will taste good

  3. Avatar

    Where’s the teenager mutant ninja turtles 🐢?
    Pizza time 💯

  4. Avatar

    Pizza should be made out of a square and not a circle for production efficiency

  5. Avatar

    Millions of pizzas, pizzas for me
    millions of pizzas, pizzas for free

  6. Avatar

    I love this channel !!! Thank you for your videos!!😋

  7. Avatar

    Wonder what brand the pizza is. NOT ENOUGH CHEESE ON THESE!

  8. Avatar

    i give no fucks about the quality they have the og merican narrator, i can actually watch this shit

  9. Avatar

    I surely hope the rejects get brought to homeless

  10. Avatar

    Looks like burgers in the thumbnail.

  11. Avatar

    So what happens to the rejected pizzas?

  12. Avatar

    It’s not a pizza without a crust around the edge

  13. Avatar

    I loved all three pixels of this.

  14. Avatar

    This is the best (non-British) announcer… but he sounds… flat. Like slowed down, or his dog died that day. Usually he's much more chipper. Really ruins it more than the video quality.

  15. Avatar

    Frozen pizzas are disgusting, especially the crust. Where I live I could get a fresh pizza for the same price and healthier

  16. Avatar

    The less-than-perfect products end up being sold at Walmart. That's why Walmart prices are so low.4:35

  17. Avatar

    This is the most sloppiest I've ever seen. Whoever decided this was perfect is sadly mistaken.

  18. Avatar

    That topping machine doesn't work.

  19. Avatar

    Before it gets cooked it looks disgusting. But it's pizza so I'll eat it.

  20. Avatar

    They should get better camera or upload in better quality

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