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How Its Made Drinking Water

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  1. Avatar

    Hehehehe… The way she says it…


  2. Avatar

    Good hung I don’t drink water…

  3. Avatar

    I’ll stick to drinking maple syrup

  4. Avatar

    sheesh so much work to make drinking water…

  5. Avatar

    Ok all I want to know is why is there lead?

  6. Avatar

    In hot springs Arkansas you can drink the water from the stream. I visit there last year and they have the water on every corner just about.

  7. Avatar

    She mentioned nothing about the flouride that's added to our water to calcify our third eye. This video must have been made by the government.

  8. Avatar

    1:22 gotta cook the water so it’s not raw

  9. Avatar

    all my choices have lead to this moment

  10. Avatar

    @4:45 when do they clean our pipes? Or better yet! Replace them? Oh, wait! Never!

  11. Avatar

    I thought they would explain process to make water by mixing 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen and add it to industrial mixer and later ….. ta daa water ready

  12. Avatar

    This comment section has me questioning my sanity

  13. Avatar

    The guys voice does make a huge difference…

  14. Avatar

    Guess they were sleeping during the flint Michigan inspection :p

  15. Avatar

    I just want water that tastes like real water

  16. Avatar

    Chlorine gas is highly toxic so they put some in our drinking water… I have well water soo…ok

  17. Avatar

    Unless you live in Flint Michigan.

  18. Avatar

    You can't make water …..
    You can FILTER IT.

  19. Avatar

    wow I see what people meant "your full of shit"

  20. Avatar

    I'm glad they remove the "day-bre"

  21. Avatar

    Shit I thought my water come from like mouth eveverst or sum

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