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How It’s Made Computer Recycling Gold

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    Nothing precious about gold platinum any of those fucking metals. Their cheap as fuck easily obtained. Steel now that's a precious metal steel isn't cheap and is the building block you can't build shit with gold but you can build skyscrapers with steel. Lithium has more value than fucking gold does now. Maybe back then yea but now no.

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    The way he says GOLD is freaking me out..

  3. Avatar

    Lol they make gold salt out of old pc parts and sell them back to the computer company’s for more…


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    The mix of chemicals used to dissolve the gold is called aqua regia

  5. Avatar

    Why not give some computer to developing countries?

  6. Avatar

    All those really cool retro computers gone

  7. Avatar

    why don't we take the gold, turn it into a powder, and inhale it? Then with gold in our lungs, we'll probably be worth more than before.

  8. Avatar

    Oh good, I pay for the computer and they take my gold from it!

  9. Avatar

    Me: goes out of way to make sure all my computers/etc. are recycled
    Family: 'Got the new I(product)' computer => trashcan

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    Is this Kurzgescacht's second channel?

  11. Avatar

    Was that a pentium 3? 😭😭😭 ohh the memories

  12. Avatar

    dissolving in aqua Regia makes chloroauric acid…. not "pure gold dust"

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    I can’t help but imagine those are i5 8400’s and it breaks my heart I love that processor

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    I would give my left nut to work at one of these places. This would be my dream job, but sadly, I have NO idea what they're actually called.

  15. Avatar

    Sure theres money to be made if youre recycling other people's computers, but god forbid anyone touch my classic computer collection like that. If im making room for more rarer examples, ill just sell it off of ebay in hopes itll go to someone else's collection.

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    @4:38 "What once carried information around a computer's memory, will surely find a home in someone's mouth" – My teeth now contains the sum of all human knowledge!

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    I remember when I watched this video and tried ripping my Laptop up to find Gold 😷

  18. Avatar

    whats funny is now these computer parts are worth more as classic computer parts than they worth in raw material

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    i took out gold from my computer and now it isn't working, thanks how its made, for ruining my computer

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