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How It’s Made Coca Cola

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  1. Avatar

    After the fallout, I'm comin' to look for bottlecaps, who's with me?

  2. Avatar

    “The speeds are blinding” looks at screen

  3. Avatar

    How it's made: can we film you guys making the recipe?
    Coca cola: well yes, but actually no.

  4. Avatar

    where is the mention of how much sugar they use.? what dangerous chemicals they use? what is the source of water and how much they pay for thst water?

  5. Avatar

    Think that natural flavor is coke. The bad kind. Thats how u gt hooked on soda.

  6. Avatar

    Imagine one been a snitch and tells the SECRET INGREDIENT !!

  7. Avatar

    Guy was trying to say natural flavors could be… vegetables? In Coke…?

  8. Avatar

    Who is watching this while drinking coca cola

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    병은 쇳물을 틀에넣는게 아니라 유리를녹여서 뜨겁게 만든다음 병틀에넣어서 열을식혀서만든다.

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    Coca Cola was made by accident

  11. Avatar

    The secret ingredient is diabetes

  12. Avatar

    Their natural flovers is COCA….so easy

  13. Avatar

    Why not just tell everyone the formula of coke

  14. Avatar

    The extract is a flavoring from coca leaves. They have a company that separates the cocaine from the leaves and they sell it to pharmaceutical companies for meds.

  15. Avatar

    Coca cola made of coca leaf same leaves cocaine made from ..

  16. Avatar

    I worked there so I know how it’s made got fired at Vice President just quit but got the recipe.

  17. Avatar

    My friend used to drink coca cola and now its eaten all the linings from his throat he goes in to hospital and they spray an artificial lining in his neck

  18. Avatar

    Hey!! In the Philippines the Coca Cola made from sugar cane

  19. Avatar

    I never knew coca cola was made of 99% water

  20. Avatar

    I worked at a Bottling plant (Buffalo) and I used to watched the bottling line – it was fun to watch.

  21. Avatar

    And then there’s me who likes pepsi

  22. Avatar

    Did you know coke has a chemical that is also used for rat poison?

  23. Avatar

    i like coke, my buddies like coke every american likes coke rather than cola

  24. Avatar

    I'm gonna become. A coke manufacturer so I can snitch the ingredients

  25. Avatar

    “It all starts with a secret formula”

    Me: cocaine

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    At 1:16 are you sure that hong kong, macau, taiwan, southern ossetia, palestine, western sahara, kosovo, northern cyprus count as countries to boost your total "country" count to 206.

  27. Avatar

    Coca Cola: here is our secret formula

    People: wait, that’s illegal

  28. Avatar

    Please make a video how car tyres are made .. like factory Michelin or MRF tyres.

  29. Avatar

    Only 5 days a week i thought it would be more

  30. Avatar

    Scott Vitters didn't say PET he only said PT

  31. Avatar

    “We operate in over 206 countries. That’s more than America”
    No way!

    Edit: Thanks for the 1 like

  32. Avatar

    “Secret Formula”
    Plankton would like to know your location

  33. Avatar

    Full of shit so you are telling me that people who are selling them product. Know what they are selling them. Secret my ass

  34. Avatar

    I stopped drinking any soft drink long time ago.

  35. Avatar

    The secret ingredient is cocain years ago coca cola used to have about 0.7% cocain in it

  36. Avatar

    I don’t even like how coke tastes.

  37. Avatar

    If coke went bankrupt ,everyone would fund it.

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