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how it’s made cigarettes

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    Thank all native american tribes for introducing and trading tobacco as commerce with Europeans. Which eventually led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

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    The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms combines three great American pastimes; "Lets smoke, drink, and shoot up the town! WAA HOO!"

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    We had plenty of satisfaction when my grandpa just got some leaf and cured it and rolled it. Why they do so much processing for something so simple? Is that why they are $13 at the POD corner stores?

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    just smoke weed and you wont get cancer. Fuck cigarettes and thats coming from a cigarette smoker and toker

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    Its amazing how easy it is to make and sell poison

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    Cigarettes: because the government doesn’t care if you die if they can profit & tax it!

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    Fuck how it made is violence against the law 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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    Who fucking cares how they are made? They should be banned for all of the deaths they caused.

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    I wish I lived when smoking was healthy, I don't smoke but I love the commercials. Also I really don't care about how many people die from smoking, I just don't

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    It's a good thing that I don't smoke at all🚭but then again I don't care how many other people smoke🚬like a chimney or smokestacks.

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    Fucking shill videos dude. Fun to watch but god damn.

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    Legalize marijuana. Fuck tabacco hah. Ily how it's made

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    I wish i was locked up inside that factory

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    The narrator sounds like the encyclopedia narrative from the Masseffect games…

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    What ever happened to no sticks no stems no seeds? The real sticky icky icky…. oooweee?

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    Maybe they should change the title “how it’s made cancer”

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    This looks more like early 90's or late 80's not 70's folks…

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    Let’s burn these plants once and for all !

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    Imagine how much labor and money goes into this just to slowly kill yourself

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    smoking is good after eating because of the mint

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    I love how all the Twizzler eating, Mountain Dew chugging, never get off your ass and move because video games and youtube is my life commentators are talking about cancer. Hypocrites are always the dumbest people, lol.

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