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How It’s Made Chocolate Coins

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  1. Avatar

    Image if a hole buch of kids manage to get in this Factory and all the kids LOVE chocolate including me

  2. Avatar

    This video make me what to eat all that chocolate 😜😋🍫🍫

  3. Avatar

    isnt this dude the same in kurzgesagt?

  4. Avatar

    This video makes me want to eat a whole bag.

  5. Avatar

    The ones with the nuts in them are the best…

  6. Avatar

    The coins at Jewish holidays is a lesson, not on money—
    But during that time in Jewish history studying Hebrew was illegal and whenever it was being taught in secret…
    Should they be discovered they quickly took out coins and pretended to Be GAMBLING—which was allowed by the rulers of the Holyland—which is why…
    The dreidel, a game of chance/gambling, is a symbol of the holiday.

    It is the legacy of studying Hebrew in secret: study, but be ready to APPEAR to be gambling in the event of being caught. Kind of like the old “press a button and the speak easy turns back into a library” or something to hide from authorities.

    Although Charity is taught it not about “value of money.”

    That is stereotypical!!!

  7. Avatar

    Buffalo nickels!! Yay! There is a shop I would buy large ones from; the diameter of a coffee cup.

  8. Avatar

    >they hand them to little Jewish kids on Hanukkah

  9. Avatar

    "To teach them the value of money and charity". They got the value of money figured out for sure but I don't belive they know the meaning of charity.

  10. Avatar

    Not to mention that they are purely brought because kids like to eat chocolate coins… Just saying. Because St Nickolas and Jewish children are not the only things in the world. Kids like chocolate, and they don't care if the Easter Bunny brought it or they get it in Stockings. They just want to eat chocolate, and thats why the chocolate coins are still mass produced.

  11. Avatar

    Who feels like to eat chocolate now?

  12. Avatar

    So where is the part where they add dozens of strange chemicals to the chocolate? Why dont they show that?

  13. Avatar

    choclate i like how he says it..

  14. Avatar

    I want just a bucket of those please 5:02

  15. Avatar

    Chocolate coins usually don't taste good

  16. Avatar

    Great how the video is from Discovery HD channel yet the max resolution (quality) of the video is 360p.

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