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How Its Made Car Tires

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    An African man invented the first tire, whites always trying to steal our superior history and intellect. SMFH

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    Can you upload videos in better quality?

  3. Avatar

    these videos were transferred from a VCR that recorded the original show over an antenna i bet

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    Be nice to see how treads are made. Probably not allowed to be shown?

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    Can you delete the recommendation video at the end

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    What do you do with 365 used condoms?

    Make them into a tire and call it a "good year".

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    There are airless tires that are still made of rubber

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    Tread actually decreases dry grip. come on guys, youre the SCIENCE channel.

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    Dislike due to promo covering last part of video. Hint: Put it over a still or something AFTER the video has ended.

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    The colored stripes are changed up with each set of four tires.
    Formulation indicator? Really?
    Try finger-prints to aid in forensic examination of tread-marks.
    Think of them as serial numbers.

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    Can u put the recommended next video in the corner instead of right in the middle blocking my view before the video ends

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    Lmao why do I smell the tires in this video

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