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How It’s Made Canned Corn

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  1. Avatar

    Dr. says don't eat corn anymore. Ever.

  2. Avatar

    Hmmm no mention of QA testing for.. Headspace … Salt level…sugar leval…closed temp check… Open temp check ??? Also that cooker they used us a Sterylmatic Cooker. If any body is interested.

  3. Avatar

    If it doesn't taste right it goes to the dollar store label.

  4. Avatar

    Lost me at the bleaching machine. This is why I buy corn from our local farmers market.

  5. Avatar

    now they want to feed more corn to cars ….ethanol the biggest sham in years

  6. Avatar

    What I learned: They put corn in the can.

  7. Avatar

    Ohhh my beautiful corn. I live you more now 😘

  8. Avatar

    Hell I thought they had to pick every kernel off by hand

  9. Avatar

    I wonder how they make Corn Pops cereal?🤔

  10. Avatar

    STUPID advert right in the middle of the video. Moronic.

  11. Avatar

    Was going to leave an up vote until you blocked the screen for the last 20 seconds.

  12. Avatar

    Why are they playing mushroom music for corn?

  13. Avatar

    I prefer canning my own . much higher quality and better flavor!

  14. Avatar

    thank you. good show. What would we do with out machine in our lives do you know ? I like fresh corn to eat..

  15. Avatar

    Is anyone enjoying the background music as much as I am

  16. Avatar

    I was going to make a joke about this video but it was too corny.

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