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How It’s Made Breath Mints

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    The workers should don some sort of face masks to protect them from the fine powder during transfers but also from sliva getting in.

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    I see tins getting less than the 72. So they just got filmed ripping off the customer.

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    How many times do we have to tell you??? STOP PUTTING THE NEXT VIDEO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN!!! U ruin the experience!! U know what? im fed up with this… unsubscribed.

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    An African man invented breath mints, whites always trying to destroy and steal our culture and history.

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    eat a can of these and drink some ice water

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    Really does WHAT???? Finish the sentence!!!!!!

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    Oh no he didn''t finish the punch line ಠ▃ಠ

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    This is as well how pills are made, except that the colouring (coating) is done after in a tumbler

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    Very insightful!!!

    Next they should show how they make honey Buns and/or sandwich meat.
    (If they didn't already)

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    a nixie tube display in the tablet counter? damn this production line must have been set up as early as the 60s…

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