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How It’s Made Aquarium Fish (Goldenfish)

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    Reminder that goldfish do NOT belong in bowls <3 they poop a LOT and fancies need a filter and at least 30 gallons, with an extra 20 per new fish! Commons need even more space because they get really big <3 be kind to our fishy friends!

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    Why the fuck did I just watch a video on how Goldfish are made.

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    no wonder why they always die 🙁

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    Goldfish aren't the most common aquarium fish, tetras and Cichlids are by far the most common

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    i clicked on this expecting to see a fish being assembled and packed in a factory.

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    "If there's eggs it must be female…" – Im sure the liberals are up in arms over that comment. "How dare you assume the sexual identity of that fish??"

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    And that's why they die in a week cause the are retarded being thrown around like that

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    I’m pretty sure she killed them when she put air in the bag 🤦‍♀️

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    Fish: daddy how are goldfish made?
    Dad fish: (shows video)

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    That girl is like
    With those fish like they’re nothing.. XD

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    The females genitals here on the thumbnail 😐🤐

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    I love fish. Always have. Hopefully they end up somewhere more calm for a good long while

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    I thought this would be exposing the truth that goldfish are robots

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    People who dislike are stupid. The video is informative and this is how it’s done . I guess you’d rather bury your head under the sand and pretend like this doesn’t happen.

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    How’s a goldfish made? Well honey, when a daddy fish loves a mommy fish very much….

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    I know for a fact that the process How It's Made documented did not follow proper regulations for animal treatment and fish raising. I think the producers just went with the lowest bidder on this one.

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    this is life people, get over it. its not going to change.

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    I hate how they give the fish drugs lmao

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    This is sad 😞I would rather die in the process of this than go through the abuse if I were a goldfish

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    This is awful. Can’t believe we’re still doing this to living things.

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    ……meow can you MAKE a goldfish?

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    Um the title says : Golden fish…

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    Well you see, in simpler terms, a mommy and a da-

    Ok I'll let you figure out the rest kids

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    To properly grow a single goldfish you need to introduce the proper bacteria to a large tank. That’s how it lives for years

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    I saw this and was like. Wait what the duck. Gold fish ain't real?!

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    What about the ones who are not the right size?

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