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How It’s Made Apple Juice

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  1. Avatar

    I legit thought he was going to say he drinks gallons of it every day

  2. Avatar

    For some reason I expected this to be a How To Basic spin-off.

  3. Avatar

    Speaking as apple farmer…avoid it, take urge apples eat it raw without the skin

  4. Avatar

    The way he says process and sterile….

  5. Avatar

    I cant watch this i feel like im in school

  6. Avatar

    I bett it smels lyke aples in thier

  7. Avatar

    Thumbs down.

    First, if using metric units of measure, make sure you add a conversion into imperial.

    Second, don't post a link to another video that covers the center of the screen.

  8. Avatar

    Ya, you can’t use apples off the ground anymore.

  9. Avatar

    I don’t drink sugar loaded apple juice. I just eat an apple.

  10. Avatar

    'litchrilly' is not a word, you fucking stupid geek

  11. Avatar

    Every apple gets smashed into juice..there is no inspection for removal of apples that have worms, rot, mould, or those with bird excrement on them.. that is the reason the juice is pasteurized, to make it safe to drink.. worms? yep

  12. Avatar

    Is the beginning supposed to be a joke?

  13. Avatar

    I thought this was a HowToBasic Video.

  14. Avatar

    I can’t be the only one who thought this was going to be a meme video

  15. Avatar

    They are called juice box 😠 not lil containers

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