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How Its Made Aerogel

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  1. Avatar

    You can also find the recipie in subnautica.
    Thank me later

  2. Avatar

    I want to bite into some aero gel :’)

  3. Avatar

    Or just put a ruby and a gel sac into the fabricator… :/

  4. Avatar

    In Subnautica, we use a Ruby to create aerogel

  5. Avatar

    It's easy to make. Just put a gelsack and a ruby together in a fabricator.

  6. Avatar

    Where is the part when he talks about ruby and gel sacks? I watched the whole video and I can't find it 🙁

  7. Avatar

    Subnautica is a cool game and all but chill with the comments people good lord.

  8. Avatar

    If I spread Aerogel on my hands, how can I wash it?

  9. Avatar

    3:38 That's because it melts in your mouth, not on aerogel. Stupid.

  10. Avatar

    thank you for giving us a good vidio 한국인임

  11. Avatar

    Ahhh I wanna squeeze it with my hands

  12. Avatar

    I got a Kitchen Aide mixer, an old Dyson vacuum and a heat gun. Gunna make me some. Don't tell mom.

  13. Avatar

    I thought this would be better than watching Pewdiepie

  14. Avatar

    You watch, 50 years from now we’re going to discover that this stuff causes cancer somehow.

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