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How It’s Made Adhesive Bandages

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    it doesn’t matter who was first 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄😬

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    what if we…

    talked about the video?

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    0:00 I've cut my fingersss, and I'v got a couple of options…
    0:04 Bulky gauze binding? Flexible adhesive bandage.. Bulky binding?… flexible bandage?
    0:10 I take the flexible adhesive badage..
    0:14 Adhesive bandages are made of……. ok fuck this shit 😂

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    flexible adhesive b a n d a g e

  5. Avatar

    How old is this video? 😂 Love to watch it though. 😁

  6. Avatar

    no wonder bandages suck so much ass

  7. Avatar

    Very interesting to know how they make bandages 👍🏻

  8. Avatar

    The narrator needs a stronger presence. Too soft and the intro was hard AF to figure out what he babbled about

  9. Avatar

    Even all of these bandages can't patch my life together

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    Tukesbury is a butthole surfer.

  11. Avatar

    Bandages dont even stick anymore these days unlike in the old days!

  12. Avatar



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    I watch how its made everynight to put myself to sleep 👍

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    He sounds like David schwimmer out of friends

  15. Avatar

    I missed this guy even tho i hate him

  16. Avatar

    What bout Flex Tape?

    It Can Close Your wounds

  17. Avatar

    This guy sound like Napoleon Dynamite

  18. Avatar

    Okay, you said they were sterilized , but didn't explain how. I wanted to know how. 🙁

  19. Avatar

    How exactly are they sterilized? It wasn't shown…

  20. Avatar

    Flex tape v2 (only works on cut and severed fingers)

  21. Avatar

    I think the narrator is the owners son and he threw a tantrum until he got to narrate this video.

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