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How Its Made – 717 Train Rails

How Its Made Season 15 episode 3 Train Rails

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    No ribbon rail comments?

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    Thanks for showing me how it's made now please tell me where it's made

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    a man of many parts

    Many years ago I used to work for a company that subcontracted rail work for other private companies; Steel foundries, quarries, mines, etc. One steel works we were working in decided that it was too expensive to buy in all the rail lines for the job and elected to cast them from steel. Of course they warped badly and it cost them (in our time) more to straighten them adequately for use than actually buying them in!

    Ps. The rim of the train wheel isn't what keeps the wheel on the track. The 'tire' (the outer part is replaceable) actually has a slight taper that performs that function. If it were the case, the rims would chatter, violently, on the track and cause the bogies to derail.

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    Me thinking to myself: how are they going to transport 25 meter train rails.
    A few moments later in the voice of Thanos: i used the rails to transport the rails

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    lol j/k, this town sucks.

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    Now THAT was interesting……………

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    Damn, so those two dudes just sit there watching train rails go by all day? I think I missed my calling. I bet they make bread too.

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    So how did the steel melt on 9/11, office fires top out at 1200° F°
    Pesky facts!

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    Just me or is this how to make a plumbus lol

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    Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    Looks like, if I want to know what temperature things are in Fahrenheit, I have to get Google out!
    Fahrenheit was the way I was taught in school, when I look the temp outside, Google tells me in Fahrenheit, when I watch television or read the newspapers they all say Fahrenheit.
    When I watch How It's Made they say Celsius?
    That's fine just say both plz!
    I'm 50 years old. I don't mind getting my phone out to look at a conversion, I just don't want to do it while I'm watching a video!

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    hey – i really like watching your video but ABSOLUTELY HATE all that background racket (music?). what is it for?

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    David Thompson

    The wheel rim does not keep the train on the track the wheel profile does

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    All made In the good old China steel mills, remember when the US used to make their own stuff?!

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    Daniel Bohórquez Alvarado

    I don't get why at 2:30 there isn't any steam arround the red hot beam I mean is that water?

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    I love watching these machines do their jobs. The materials end result is just awesome …

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    This is a french fry video.

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    4:39 Cool, they have an Abom79 logo. 🙂

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    My penis is 25 metres long and my train runs up and down it frequently without lube. Tomoro my homosexual lover Sebastian a latino hunk a 6ft 10 inch semi god with a 12 pack the cutest lips and buttocks to die for is gonna run his track up my tunnel and out again a few hundred times. Yours Sincerely from the good old corrupt UK.

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    Domino Diamond

    I cannot self Terminate.

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    I'd much rather hear the machines and the ambient sounds than this techno keyboard having a seizure while having a Tourette's attack.

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    Joakim Mathisen

    1:04 DISCO!

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    Literally the most boring job ever 4:20

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    I wonder why they make them at 82 feet why not just go for a 100 just be that much easier and it would cut down on installation time even though they now have a machine that dose the whole works from rail and tie to welding and grinding like it packs its dam own termite set up the only part I ever saw the guys do was to light it up the machine just sat there with the guards that hold it in place it gose off hardens then grinds lol so longer track would be quicker

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    4:07 is all my friends looking at each other awkwardly at a party

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    4:17 most laid back job ever

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    Yuck that voice.

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    Iron Horse throttle master

    A railcar or locomotive wheel acts like to in facing cones and then that one inch lip on the wheel is called a flange

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    olusaba Olukayode

    Great and awesome process.

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    who hired this woman she does not know english jesus

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    Rowland Larkham

    I used to work a switch engine in the Centralia Illinois ribbon rail welding facility making up rail trains for replacement of jointed rail locations on Illinois Central railroad – I think there is a video of how that was done somewhere which I was a part – They would butt weld the jointed rail with an electrical clamp on each piece and hit the juice – Sparks would fly from behind the safety shield and then would be winched out on the assembled rail train until it reaches a quarter-mile in length – Each rail train would carry 50 lengths that were separated on racks suspended above the flatcars – Each train had a buffer car located at each end for safety – 1 behind the engine and another ahead of the caboose in case of a shift in the loaded train – ( YES we still had cabooses then) –

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