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How Its Made – 589 Aircraft Engines

How Its Made Season 12 episode 8 Aircraft Engines

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  1. Avatar

    0:42 that looks F-Up, OSHA should be all over that….

  2. Avatar

    CAT and Mr. Goodwrench both work for Lycoming…

  3. Avatar

    Same engine design the Wright brothers used….

  4. Avatar

    I see that 4 cylinder engines sprouts 2 extra pots at on stage !

  5. Avatar

    NOT made in China.

  6. Avatar

    Eco standards.. lmao!

  7. Avatar

    Somebody should have told her that was a 6 cylinder

  8. Avatar

    so much simpler than i thought

  9. Avatar

    So that’s a “four cylinder” engine with three cylinders per side, hmmm something ain’t right

  10. Avatar

    0:42 oh that's a HAVS claim waiting to happen

  11. Avatar

    1940's technology.

  12. Avatar

    Since when was a 4 cyl engine able to turn into a 6 cyl engine and back??

  13. Avatar

    polishing jack = 15yo on viagra….

  14. Avatar

    After polashing the crank all oilways have to be cleaned.

  15. Avatar

    It would be more correctly titled "Assembling an engine from a box of parts "

  16. Avatar

    Aircraft engine or Volkswagen engine.

  17. Avatar

    The first how it's made video which I felt was rubbish I guess

  18. Avatar

    Intence honda sounds

  19. Avatar

    0:42 i wonder if his hands is still okay

  20. Avatar

    0:42 use a different system or p()rnhub is going to put that clip on their website

  21. Avatar

    I thought it was a 6 cylinder engine. Maybe that is the case?

  22. Avatar

    That polishing jack looks like it’s capable of a fatal injury. Yikes.

  23. Avatar

    A bit surprised to see a non counterbalanced crankshaft..

  24. Avatar
    Acrobatic Cripple

    How it's made?? Nah. How one or two bits are stuck together? Maybe.

  25. Avatar

    I was expecting commercial passenger jet engines.

  26. Avatar

    0:42 Using a polishing jack he jacks his crankshaft.

  27. Avatar

    Holy shit, super pump… It'll be over in 5 seconds

  28. Avatar

    Lol in the year 2020 and still using 1914 engine design. Way to save on R&D costs😂😂

  29. Avatar

    I wonder how hard he would shake your hand😂😂

  30. Avatar

    that coool company worker assembly the airplane machine motor…
    worker must use to follow the clothes code at work company…
    why man use a cap on the head

  31. Avatar

    what is this black wire on the block motor at 106 to 117

  32. Avatar

    Hideously outdated technology, outrageously inefficient operation and requires overhaul every 2000 hours. All this can be yours for only $40,000 !

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