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How Its Made – 518 Spark Plugs

How Its Made Season 11 episode 2 Spark Plugs

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    What you never see is a documentary about how the amazing production machines are designed and made. You only ever see them in operation.

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    Shitty god damn resolution with all the content on YouTube in Higher definition why would anyone waste their time watching this crap!

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    This video is shocking!!!! 😀

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    Prakash Kamath

    An eye opener

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    240p. Seriously?? Cant you do better?

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    these spark plugs are made by Bostich

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    Except don't buy Bosch. NGK all the way.

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    Wtf is this.. Females aren't suppose to be narrators

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    meh! says the diesel mechanic.

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    "The spark plug produces what looks like a mini lightning bolt." Yes, that would be called a spark

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    Domino Diamond

    And to think this was done by hand in the beginning.

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    At the start she’s said there’s usually 7 spark-plugs in an engine, I didn’t know the was a 7 cylinder engine out there….

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    Michelle Steiner

    Shrimp videos for kids

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    Now THAT was interesting……thank you.

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    How is it made? > BABIES ….the Stiffened- plug is inserted several times until the lubricating fluid is sprayed inside, the receiving device soaks up the fluid and nature does it's part ‼️😱👙🤣🤣🤣❤️😉

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    as much as I hate this narrator and her constant butchering of the work kiln to kill in. I have to say, the entire show at this time was staffed by a bunch of worthless, lazy and incompetent shitheads that had no business being anywhere near the How it's made series. I'm not sure there was even 1 person on staff that knew what the heck they were doing.

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    I don't get why they showed production of Bosch spark plugs, and ended it with a brief spark demo of an E3 plug. Bosch makes many spark plugs, sensors, computers, fuel pumps, and other electronic part for automotive; as well as diagnostic tools for said systems. Bosch is a well established name in the industry, but E3 is not. Along side the fact that E3 has been riding on their 3 ground electrodes on their spark plugs, with people thinking they'll get 3x the spark per cycle ..(thus better ignition)🤦‍♂️…But as a lot of people understand, electricity takes the path of least resistance, and will not (in E3's case) jump 3 gaps at the same time. (Their machinery is not that accurate to produce a plug capable of that) So why end the video with a demonstration from an inferior part that claims to defy physics? I can't even think of an engine that runs better on an E3, much less having better fuel efficiency than what the manufacturer recommends for each engine.

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    Fun fact, the ceramic that the spark plugs are made of can turn glass into tissue paper.

    Shit just goes straight through.

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