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How Its Made – 323 Frozen French Fries

How Its Made Season 7 episode 4 Frozen French Fries

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  1. Avatar

    Hmmm those taters dont look sorted to me

  2. Avatar

    honestly, soft fries fucking suck

  3. Avatar

    so this is why i get like foot long fries

  4. Avatar

    Fronch Fries.

  5. Avatar

    look how dirty all the equipment is ewwwww

  6. Avatar

    bad children get put in the potato wiggler

  7. Avatar
    PickelJars ForHillary

    In and Out makes they in front of you.

  8. Avatar

    Anyone here in 2019 high as fuck? Watching this thinking dude I love fries?

  9. Avatar

    The bgm is priceless. I rate it 420/69.

  10. Avatar

    Whoever designs these production lines are the most intelligent people.

  11. Avatar

    I'd like to know what happens to all those potatoes trapped in that grate, too small to keep going but just too big on one end to pass through.

  12. Avatar

    I see the future all jobs being done by machines controlled by robots.

  13. Avatar

    Don't ya mean

    Trench Fries

  14. Avatar

    2-3 min in boiling oil to be ready ? Never in my kitchen

  15. Avatar

    Alot of stuff wrong with this also wtf is "boiling oil" oil boils at 300c which is well above the smoking point

  16. Avatar

    Anyone got the music?

  17. Avatar

    You mean freedom fries?

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    You can overlook a rotten potato quick with how fast they go by

  21. Avatar

    They are so much better with the skins.

  22. Avatar

    I Love the HIM Music

  23. Avatar

    These videos are so nice to watch

  24. Avatar

    Saint Arneault fries! I have hauled a lot of their fries from St. Hubert in Quebec! Now I know what goes on behind the walls.

  25. Avatar

    French fries?

    Nah son. Freedom fries.

  26. Avatar

    The music on this episode is terrible – it’s barely watchable 😩

  27. Avatar

    Potato skins, potato cakes
    Hash browns, and instant flakes
    Baked or boiled or french fried
    There's no kind you haven't triedYou planned a trip to Idaho
    Just to watch potatoes grow
    I understand how you must feel
    I can't deny they've got appealWhoah
    You like them whether they are plain or they're stuffed, oh yeah
    Better face the facts, it seems you can't get enough
    You know, you're gonna have to face it
    You're addicted to spuds

  28. Avatar
    Youtube Hooked

    3:05 the freshly cut potato pieces drops into sewage canal

  29. Avatar
    Nickelodeon Stuff

    They always choose the wackiest music for these

  30. Avatar

    I’m disappointed. They didn’t show the peeler, nor the cutter in action! Wtf How It’s Made?! You left out some of the most interesting parts!

  31. Avatar

    Nasty and not real food.

  32. Avatar
    Louis Eugenio Jr.

    Or you could just bake them in your oven at 204° Celsius for 20 minutes; that's how I cook my fries.

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