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How Its Made – 294 Windshields

How Its Made Season 6 episode 10 Windshields
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  1. Avatar

    Fuck the glass making tell me more about those robots.

  2. Avatar
    Gabriel G. Cunha

    Annealing and toughening are opposites things

  3. Avatar

    not a fucking soul in sight , welcome to the fucked up unemployed wonderful world of robotics and ai . vote dem and enjoy your 1000$/ mnth . woohoo.

  4. Avatar

    Cool as glass

  5. Avatar
    DrewChainzs Cod Mobile

    I'm guessing it's for a clown car? What windshield is only 2' wide??

  6. Avatar

    Resident Evil theme soundtrack intensifies

  7. Avatar

    Oh my ear… Not the first time how it's made use awful horrible music and i suspect not the last also…

  8. Avatar

    🤔 If they test each glass, how they pass any? Hehe

  9. Avatar

    "But it didn't go through"

  10. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/dvanuiBNwtk you must watch it

  11. Avatar

    Can you follow up with a segment on how sand is turned into glass

  12. Avatar

    Wonder if this AGC automotive (APtech) Glass Factory

  13. Avatar

    Gee there are humans involved!!!

  14. Avatar

    4:20 a machine lifts a metal ball 20 feet in the air and drops the metal ball to cause the same damage elon musk did by throwing the same metal ball from 5ft away against his "bull proof" glass 😂 😂. I trust the windshield in this video more than I would musks "bullet proof" glass 😂.

  15. Avatar

    Did you tell us how they bend 'em???

  16. Avatar

    Glass windshields are NOT "shatterproof". The lamination just keeps the glass pieces together so you aren't shredded by a bunch of broken glass.

  17. Avatar

    My brain has just crashed listening to this video.

  18. Avatar

    I was wondering how they get bends on the glass. Very interesting

  19. Avatar

    My how times have changed, 25yrs ago I worked at a windshield company and the only thing that was automated was the rolling shelves in the oven, everything else we done by hand wearing special gloves.

  20. Avatar

    3:50 That human is the weak link in this chain.

  21. Avatar

    Totally useless noninfo.

  22. Avatar
    Shawana Washington

    Do they play that background "music" in the factory? If they do, the union should file a grievance.

  23. Avatar

    I swear she didn't say "nipper"

  24. Avatar

    Good to know.Can some one tell me the track id ty 🙂

  25. Avatar

    Now THAT was fascinating.

  26. Avatar

    The type of glass used also could have been mentioned. The usual window pane type glass sheets and bottles crack on heating and cannot be bent. This is made by fusing sodium carbonate/silica sand mixture.
    The other type is made using potassium carbonate, usually marked as "Corning glass"etc used for laboratory glassware.This type can be bent when red hot. I guess this is the type of glass used for windshields.

  27. Avatar

    I'm at 1:58 and this ear rape you call music should never, ever be done again. in fact; I want a god damn apology from you just for having to listen to it.

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