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How Its Made – 250 Soft Drinks

How Its Made Season 5 episode 11 Soft Drinks

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  1. Avatar

    They forgot about the powdered caffeine

  2. Avatar
    Acrobatic Cripple

    Always wanted to see the plastic crap before it ended up on the beach.

  3. Avatar

    Ummm what happened to the normal narrator?….

  4. Avatar

    Next up: How I'm made.

  5. Avatar

    "I want a liter of cola"
    "Just get a large, Farva"
    "I don't want a large farva!"

  6. Avatar

    30litres for every person on earth????? So who is drinking for me since I don't drink??

  7. Avatar
    wannabe to wasabe

    30 liters per person, everyone on earth, is an astonishing statistic. There are likely a lot of people similar to myself, that don't consume any soft drinks at all. Exceptions are lemonade made at home and an occasional orange juice or bottled lemonade on road trips.

  8. Avatar

    Why was there a junkyard in the back ground at the beginning? good grief….

  9. Avatar

    It's amazing how this show breaks down the process

  10. Avatar

    I very rarely buy soft drinks, because of the sugar and the artificial flavours. But when I go grocerie shopping I usually see less educated people with obviously lower income spending money on it. In summertime I make my own ice tea with black tea and lemon and in the wintertime I drink the phantastic tapwater we have in the city I live. I don't really understand the success story of soft drinks. You waste a lot of plastic bottles (and even if you bring them back to the store they will be more likely down-cycled than re-cycled) and you waste a lot of money on a product which is questionable …

  11. Avatar
    Gilberto Delgadillo


  12. Avatar

    Cool Machineries for Cool Drinks…

  13. Avatar

    I haven't seen a bottle of soda in a glass returnable bottle in over 30 years……..do they still make them ?

  14. Avatar

    I can feel my fucking teeth rot every time I drink this

  15. Avatar

    Ugh the weird pronunciations from this native French Canadian speaking narrator are annoying.

  16. Avatar
    Primo Gonzales

    Full of sugar causing gouty arthritis

  17. Avatar

    softdrink was for medicinal purpose and the first softdrink was made using river water

  18. Avatar

    0:28 except African kids.

  19. Avatar
    Touya Todoroki

    Kiri: I’m a drink

    Kirishima: I’m a rock

  20. Avatar
    Fifi Forget-Me-Not

    I knew there was a reason why I don't drink from glass bottles. 😂😂

  21. Avatar
    Manager Project


  22. Avatar

    For your health sake don't drink soda.

  23. Avatar

    2:00 – 2:24 that's one sick shot

  24. Avatar

    Poison factory

  25. Avatar

    The machine removes the air and is filling it with …🤣😂

  26. Avatar

    What happened to the guy narrator
    American chopper ad you can tell how long ago this was recorded
    Why are they filming pop bottles in front of a junkyard

  27. Avatar
    Whispering Jack

    Kiri Soft drink is Canadian, and also very popular in Uganda

  28. Avatar

    If you’re wondering about the bottles, they start as small plastic tubes open on one end, and are inflated in a mold to the shape of the bottle.

  29. Avatar

    Yum, GMO corn or beet syrup and artificial color.

  30. Avatar

    Hugbees version of this episode is funnier, this one is normal

  31. Avatar

    And this is what keeps Americans fat.

  32. Avatar

    but how many caps will it cost for a cola?

  33. Avatar

    That’s lots of poison made.

  34. Avatar

    Why go all the way to Uganda to show a soda factory??? Very cool though

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