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How Its Made – 1432 Throttle Position Sensors

How Its Made Season 29 episode 8 Throttle Position Sensors

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  1. Avatar

    Tiny circuit board, spring, some pins, a few small extras, and a bit of plastic….

    O'Reilly/NAPA: Alright. That'll be $64.83.

  2. Avatar

    They're running out of ideas

  3. Avatar

    This is so fascinating! Like something from the future that we get to see today.

  4. Avatar

    wow my 11yr old bike has one of those too! i wonder if its still working properly

  5. Avatar

    I can just say, bad quality control! The board at the end of the video is missing a lot of the components that's installed earlier.

  6. Avatar

    Very happy to find this show on YouTube

  7. Avatar

    Can we change the name of the show to "how it's mass produced"

  8. Avatar

    Replacing mechanical linkage with electronic sensors is really stupid.

  9. Avatar

    oh no…
    why why a man use nake hand touch on the PCB…
    not good idea…
    because hand have grease / oil / sweat can print on the IC / PCB…
    must be use a pair of gloves

  10. Avatar

    One of many components designed to fail.
    Where would the profit, and factory longevity sit with a more robust device?

  11. Avatar

    DORMAN needs to watch this video. 6 TPS units on a swap, finally pulled a 20 year old OEM one at a junk yard and havnt had a problem since.

  12. Avatar

    "They're running out of ideas", sounds like people with low IQ that find this boring.

  13. Avatar

    If you work there how do you keep from blowing your brains out every day

  14. Avatar

    Half of the video actually showing MAP sensor circuit boards instead of TPS…

  15. Avatar

    it's just a factory footage, give a bit of explanation on how it WORKS, now those are mystery boxes to everyone

  16. Avatar

    I feel like I now know just enough about technology and manufacturing to be annoyed at the oversimplifications in these videos.

  17. Avatar

    Im pretty sure cars worked well without this liability for damn near a century.

  18. Avatar

    At least the one guy gets to solder something. I would go nutcracker in some of those jobs.

  19. Avatar

    Funny how quality control works so well on these videos but my autozone keeps giving me trash sensors

  20. Avatar

    This video only shows.. How it's made, please show how it works..!

  21. Avatar

    While handling those PWB's they violate the ESD rules so terribly that it is a miracle those PWB's are still working when they mount them in devices.

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