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How Its Made – 1431 Flying Water Bikes

How Its Made Season 29 episode 8 Flying Water Bikes

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  1. Avatar

    Am I the only one that it 0:46 thought he said the “lifting shit”

  2. Avatar

    But wait. Buy one get one free

  3. Avatar

    imagine how good the adapter and hose would be for pumping out swimming pools and flooded below ground parking garages. heck even floating in pools to put out wild fires. use it to fill water trucks from creeks or ponds.

  4. Avatar

    Some automation would make these builds a lot faster. e.g. something as simple as a powered torque-adjustable screwdriver.

  5. Avatar

    Me: what the fuck is a water bike? Looks stupid

    Also me: I gotta get one

  6. Avatar

    It looks like they're just throwing things together in someone's garage. This does not look like a professional layout at all.

  7. Avatar

    Would be fun for a handful of times

  8. Avatar

    You can now get high on a jet…

  9. Avatar

    my first time watching your 1080p post..

  10. Avatar

    Dont buy these it dangerous stuff my friend got hit on ski jet when lost balance ski jet toward my friend caught broke his ribs this this it danger it will kill you I know it fun but it definitely will kill yourself

  11. Avatar

    This thing only shows in the national geoghrapic channel thats where i watch it its really cool,right! 🙂

  12. Avatar

    Wowww judging by cost to make this. This thing should cost 20 dollars. Instead it's made in America so they price gauge and charge nearly 1000

  13. Avatar

    Let see some dude go down with ship

  14. Avatar

    Looks like a good way to get killed.

  15. Avatar

    Why i thought this was the start of some red bottoms being made

  16. Avatar

    Wish the videos were longer good 5 minute video though

  17. Avatar

    My takeaway from this.. A jetski is so wasteful and inefficient, there is leftover power to do this.

  18. Avatar

    Come on now, this thing is just nonsense…

  19. Avatar

    4:58 the guy on the Jet ski is like "can this please be over now?"

  20. Avatar

    Get a decent set of allen wrenches dude

  21. Avatar

    Cool. My flying car that I've received zero support with inside this made up computer simulation operates similarly. Too bad this whole reality us made up bullshit or else I might actually get some backup.

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