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How Its Made – 1427 Artist Brushes

How Its Made Season 29 episode 7 Artist Brushes

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  1. Avatar

    After so long it happened that’s is a Nother episode

  2. Avatar

    That folks is simply How It's Made 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Forget the brush, I want to know about the weasel.

  4. Avatar

    Never knew how much work and time went into making these until now

  5. Avatar

    Someone needs to save all of how it’s made videos and take them to the vaults where they store seeds for just in case scenarios. If we do something stupid and send us back to Stone Age… the videos must be preserved.

  6. Avatar

    Holy shit. First vid in 7 Month. Was afraid you were out of stuff to make xD

  7. Avatar

    There is so much hand work, I guess automation wouldn’t be worth it.

  8. Avatar

    How many weasels had to die to make these brushes?

  9. Avatar

    Use code james for 10% off any morphe brushes product

  10. Avatar

    That definitely doesn't feel like the most efficient way to paint a narrow silver band

  11. Avatar

    I need these videos in my life. Please never stop!

  12. Avatar

    i'm just wondering if the weasel had his hair stolen from him or did he give it willingly.

  13. Avatar

    No weasels were killed in the making of paint brushes….However, there are hundreds if not thousands of weasels running around with no hair on their bony tails…..

  14. Avatar

    Only expensive hand crafted brushes are made this way. Those cheap ones you get at hobby lobby are made by a machine

  15. Avatar

    Just thought they were all machine made. Thank you.

  16. Avatar

    How It's Made: Japanese Naruto noodles

  17. Avatar

    That company makes some good brushes.

  18. Avatar

    back in the day the tv episodes were 30 mins now they 5 mins i was getting cheated my whole life

  19. Avatar

    No wonder they’re so expensive

  20. Avatar

    That’s a tedious and painstaking job. OMG.

  21. Avatar

    I always wondered why my good brushes cost so much 🤔 lol That was awesome 😎

  22. Avatar

    This channel and program is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Those must some expensive brushes.

  24. Avatar

    How Its Made, show us how makeup brushes are made! I'm familiar enough to know it's very similar but different due to shapes. Also, synthetic bristled, machine-cut could be interesting.

  25. Avatar

    This guy is the only legit narrator for how it's made. The rest unsettle me.

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