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How Its Made – 1425 Calissons

How Its Made Season 29 episode 6 Calissons

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  1. Avatar

    Has anyone tried these? Just wondering if these are hard, chewy, or soft.

  2. Avatar

    Did anyone try it before? wonder what it taste like

  3. Avatar

    Literally thought they were “Kaju Barfi”

  4. Avatar

    Looks awesome, I am going to order some on Amazon!

  5. Avatar

    "Experienced artisans" – literally anyone could do that job. Probably just a friendly way to not remind them they are performing mind numbing tedious physical labor.

  6. Avatar

    It looks good, but I have one question, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE GLOVES. The treat looks good, but the lack of proper care in preparation is disgusting.

  7. Avatar

    how they work without gloves ?!?!?!?!

  8. Avatar

    Interesting to know: only women can do the icing job. By tradition they kept this rule even nowadays (I visited the factory where they explained this)

  9. Avatar

    Great. Could you please show us how Hydraulic Power Unit is made? And could you please show more technical videos? Thank you for your great work

  10. Avatar

    These look good, but I’d probably hate them.

  11. Avatar

    "Gift box option" a lady puts them in the tray instead of machine… (50£ extra cost) 😂

  12. Avatar

    This show brings back old memories.

  13. Avatar

    what is considered a low temperature ????? ???????

  14. Avatar

    Gold Play Button (1 Million Subscribers Special)

  15. Avatar

    Another dead "how its made" channel

  16. Avatar

    Any information on that box loading robot? It looks neat!

  17. Avatar

    Ummm the lady was not wearing gloves when packing…

  18. Avatar

    dear how it's made,

    you had an episode on walking sticks ( pewter and horn handles and I haven't seen it on YouTube ) could you direct me in the right direction


  19. Avatar

    First of all… Why are they not wearing gloves 😳

  20. Avatar

    Wearing gloves is like wiping your ass, you don't HAVE to do it, but it's still gross if you don't.

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