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How Its Made – 1414 Steel Bicycles

How Its Made Season 29 episode 3 Steel Bicycles

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    USA, the first nation that could produce cars and B17 plans on streamlines.

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    If Chinese people see this video they will die

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    for some reason I’was thinking about how plumbuses are made

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    I really miss brand new episodes of this series.

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    They should have a video of every product that they sell at Harbor Freight.

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    1. This bike is probably not going to be cheaper than a mass produced aluminum bike, as this is a small manufacturer, that does everything in hand. handmade is usually much more expensive than mass produced.

    2. Would not buy bikes from this company, as it seems that every part is only tack-welded together, i would expect full-welds.

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    Another silent video! WTF? Why not include the audio that goes with the video ? They stopped making silent movies as soon as they could include sound. Why in the world are they making silent VIDEOS? This is SHIT!👎👎

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    If you want a smooth ride get a bike with shocks

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    .13 second. Cable housing is not even inserted properly

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    Fn harbor freight belt sander smh

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