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How Its Made – 1410 Drum Crushers

How Its Made Season 29 episode 2 Drum Crushers

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  1. Avatar

    Is there a video of how the machine that is making too many drums is made?

  2. Avatar

    Who has a trash compactor at home?

  3. Avatar

    Why not just use one of those industrial shredder things? Seems simpler to me.

  4. Avatar

    I’m surprised the narrator was able to resist mentioning that the hydraulic fluid comes in a drum.

  5. Avatar

    The drum crusher would be terrifying as a hypothetical sentient steel drum. Think about it, a monster used to destroy steel drums only to have their remains used to build more drum crushers. Their death multiplies that which kills them.

    I just realized how weird that all is to think about. I’m posting it anyway.

  6. Avatar

    "26x more force than the average household trash compactor"
    As in a resident's foot? How many people even own a trash compactor?

  7. Avatar

    1:22 He's not letting the saw do the work…

  8. Avatar

    the pressure relief valve does not shut the unit down. it allows some fluid to flow back to the tank when pressure becomes too high, thus protecting the equipment.

  9. Avatar

    How many drums can a drum crusher crush , if……

  10. Avatar

    A must have accessory for any discerning serial killer to have as part of his kill kit…

  11. Avatar

    Imagine this being your job
    Every day
    You get up. Go to work, and you make drum crushers
    Just drum crushers
    That’s your purpose
    To make drum crushers

  12. Avatar

    I used the drums to destroy the drums

  13. Avatar

    Yo dawg, we heard you need more steel for your drumcrushers, so we're gunna use a drumcrusher to crush more drums so you can build more drumcrushers!

  14. Avatar

    Don't crush the drums man, just let them be.

  15. Avatar

    The fuck is a household trash compactor

  16. Avatar

    The only thing I can see is no steel toe, no proper safety gloves when handling metal, etc.

  17. Avatar

    Came here for the drums, offered something else instead. Enjoyed it

  18. Avatar

    What's weirder, that this oddly specific video got made or that nearly half a million people have watched it?

  19. Avatar

    "average household trash compactor" …what? does that come standard in houses?

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