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How Its Made – 1380 Metal Nail Files

How Its Made Season 28 episode 7 Metal Nail Files

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  1. Avatar

    2 new how it’s made video’s in one night

  2. Avatar

    That seems very inefficient to make nail files

  3. Avatar

    That's the only person in this factory…. I heard he even lives there, down in the basement…

  4. Avatar

    High Voltage Circuit Breakers!!!

  5. Avatar

    NOPT made in china, these files cost $45 a piece!

  6. Avatar

    Did he just use a garden hose as a handle for the punching machine?!

  7. Avatar

    it looks like the last lady is in desperate need to use some of the nail files she makes.

  8. Avatar

    "So what do you do?" "I'm a nail file bender"

  9. Avatar

    2:43 : "The carving process also causes the steel to bullshit the edges"
    What now?

  10. Avatar

    Contrary to what this says, abrasiveness has not helped with my popularity.

  11. Avatar

    Every person in the factory are clones of the camera man.

  12. Avatar

    too bad they don't use them on their own nails ugh.

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