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How Its Made – 1374 Cupcakes

How Its Made Season 28 episode 5 Cupcakes

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  1. Avatar

    this is playing a like Elevator Music version of Stuck on You by Lionel Richie lol

  2. Avatar

    Evil food — crap for the body & mind.

  3. Avatar

    The guy who narrates this sounds like XboxAhoy

  4. Avatar

    What school get them cupcakes? I have never seen them in the store.

  5. Avatar

    when u see the amount of leaked batter in the part they deposit them, oof

  6. Avatar

    Come on, the tests in the end one is for water activity not the water content. And the other one is for water content not for the texture!

  7. Avatar

    i love eat cakes . thank you. how many can you eat cup cakes in a day?/

  8. Avatar

    4:02 why is the cupcake in the top left corner not risen isn’t there quality control?

  9. Avatar

    I got a Gordon Ramsey ad before this. 😐👌 pretty sure he would just call everyone a donkey call the cupcakes shit (somehow cupcakes are delicious) and walk out XD

  10. Avatar

    I dont like how dirty his apron is

  11. Avatar

    If that batch makes 15,000 that’s really not that much sugar

  12. Avatar

    Where do I apply to become a STAGE 3 TEST EXECUTIVE? 😛

  13. Avatar

    when you run out of ideas for your tv show

  14. Avatar

    Anyone else eat cupcakes from the bottom up

  15. Avatar

    Everyone must beware the cupcake operatives

  16. Avatar

    There's a literal moist meter

  17. Avatar

    What was that white stuff in the coco powder?

  18. Avatar

    same Company that makes the banana cakes

  19. Avatar

    Wth some cupcakes only have like 2 sprinkles

  20. Avatar

    School safe jesus christ I wouldn't feed my kids stuff like that, also machines look retarded

  21. Avatar

    Claims their "dairy and nut free" 1:14 adds eggs maybe their eggplants

  22. Avatar

    I guess they are running out of things to show

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    All the confirmation I needed to never have a supermarket cupcake ever again

  25. Avatar

    Everytime I watch a food episode of how it's made it makes me hungry 🎂

  26. Avatar

    Those fans are blowing dust on top of the cupcakes

  27. Avatar

    Its 12:45am and it's a monday,i ve been watching this channel all day wth

  28. Avatar

    03:29 "Operatives pack them" A bakery is really a front for the CIA Aaha ha ha ………….

  29. Avatar

    4:25 so that explains why like 1/2 the icing sticks to the top of the lid…

  30. Avatar

    No wonder they're dry, overworked batter

  31. Avatar

    4:03 top right corner of tray. Someone is getting ripped off! Lol

  32. Avatar

    I thought the title mean how to make 1374 cupcakes

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