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How Its Made – 1368 Cartridge Blades

How Its Made Season 28 episode 4 Cartridge Blades

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    We are such a wasteful society but we are making progress to environment recycling and innovation of using the plastic to reclaim the oil we use to make plastic

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    A waste of money and plastic for a shitty shave.
    Learn to use a straight razor you will never use this crap again.

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    hi guys!! i want to start a business like hair clipper machine blade…please help me for how to start and proceed for it. thx.

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    How about using a slo-mo camera for some of the sequences that actually made little or no sense? However, keep up the overall good work.

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    Nice. I love my Harry's razors.

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    Rockwell 6s in 316 Stainless, Gillette Nacet SS blades, Stirling barber shop shave soap. That is the formula for perfect shaves.

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    I use dried cum to remove facial hair

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    Does anyone know where this machinery can be procured from? Thanks

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    I didn't know they redubbed the How It's Made Series with a British dialect English narrator for the UK; cool to see. I prefer the British versions of planet earth and football coverage.

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    So many unessesary steps by that robot machine.. flipping and rotating step by step.. made me cringe

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    Damn. Harry's razors is sponsoring every youtube video nowadays.

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    Crazy that some ancient stone weapons and tools were sharper than razors. Obsidian and Flint for example.

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    Hello. Can u list down all the manufacturing process that included to fabricate this item? Because im doing some research on this topic. Tq.

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    I'm very interested in it's production line mwidco(at)gmail . please let me know in case any can supply production line

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    Jibba Ellie 6 March 2019 the time is good 22:34 PM

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    Ooooo Thats why those replacement blades are kept locked in a cabinet and cost $58 for a pack of 3

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    1:03 when I found out their just Harry’s razors

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    Nice video.
    However on a short note, 'women love a bearded man more than a shaved one'. 😁😁😁

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    Blades positioned close enough together to ensure they quickly become clogged up and need to be replaced long before the sharpness is gone.

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    My 100th How It's Made video for today and still counting. I can't stop. Please help!

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    But that doesn't explain why they are so expensive

  22. Avatar


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    1:33 imagine touchin that ribbon for a couple seconds

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    Smell something, say something" That should be the new California State motto.

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    amazing looks like aliens technology

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    This is the first time I've seen a product that I use.

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    Impressive use of robotic manufacturing technology, people buy these products with no idea of the ingenuity used in the manufacture,
    Thanks for the video.

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