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How Its Made – 1362 Blueberries

How Its Made Season 28 episode 2 Blueberries

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  1. Avatar

    Bluebees.. that is what he said

  2. Avatar

    …and on the 4th day, God created blueberries

  3. Avatar

    But what if I want to make 1363 blueberries?

  4. Avatar

    Then they ferry the berries and then the blu-breeze tumble down. Lolol

  5. Avatar

    Is it really that hard to find a narrator who doesn't rape the English language?

  6. Avatar

    Really? How it's made?
    Umm it's grown

  7. Avatar

    3:06 you're not slick bruh – looked at the producer toe to head and smiled lmfao

  8. Avatar

    I watched this video because I thought that is was one of those videos that need machines to make the blue berries, guess not 🙁

  9. Avatar

    I'm sure they've mushed at least over a thousand blueberries in a day before

  10. Avatar

    I'M SURE many employees snuck some blueberries to eat

  11. Avatar

    I ate 2 full containers of blueberries while watching this.

  12. Avatar

    That color sensing camera must not work that well…

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