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How Its Made – 1127 Hospital Laundry

How Its Made Season 23 episode 5 Hospital Laundry

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  1. Avatar

    why are the laundry staff wearing hospital gowns?

  2. Avatar

    Fun fact…..the bead sheet folder works just like a paper folder

  3. Avatar

    Fuck i need this because i like to do giant loads.

  4. Avatar

    Doesn't seem like the hospital gets their exact linens back like the hotel laundry does.

  5. Avatar

    Not one of those items were neatly folded.

  6. Avatar

    I used to work for a company that had hospital laundry facilities. It wasn't nearly as automated as this plant.

  7. Avatar

    Even the scale thinks the laundry is gross

  8. Avatar

    Does the machine check for needles a friend of mine got stabbed through the hand with a needle and spent 1 month in the hospital or tests.

  9. Avatar

    Where are these guys on my laundry days??

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