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How Its Made – 1095 Electric Motorcycles

How Its Made Season 22 episode 9 Compression Garments
How Its Made Season 22 episode 9 Electric Motorcycles

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  1. Avatar

    Electric motors are not quiet. Just wanted to put that out there.

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    2016 ZERO S Streetfighter Starting at: $10,995.00

  3. Avatar

    How many minutes does it take precisely to charge up.

  4. Avatar

    No pollution?
    So how does the US generate the vast majority of it's electricity then?
    Ah yes, that would be fossil fuels. It's a total lie that electric vehicles are pollution free, unless they are specifically charged by renewable energy, most generate more carbon during manufacture than normal vehicles and are harder to recycle, especially batteries.

  5. Avatar

    A silent car is good but a silent bike? No thanks.

  6. Avatar

    That grease won't effect the logic board? Lol

  7. Avatar

    They do contribute to air pollution since most are charged off the power grid. Not all, of course, but most.

  8. Avatar

    Lol the designer is using sai to avoid shoveling money into Adobe’s gapping maw

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    I dunno if this would be as much fun as a gas bike …no gears… sheesh!

  10. Avatar

    yeah but how much pollution does the battery manufacturing process cause

  11. Avatar

    The coal powered "non polluting" murder cycle. Yep. Look up how much pollution is generated making the batteries and how much of your tax dollars go to subsidize the person that buys the bike. If the battery had to be made at an honest profit, without government subsidies, it would cost approximately $35,000 to $50,000. Yeah. That's tax money well spent.

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    Electric vehicles pollute more than fossil fuel they have to get the material to make the batteries from digging in the Earththen when the batteries go bad you got to recycle them which is expensiveand where you getting electricity from nuclear burning of fossil fuel and burning of coal plus did you ever hear the saying loud pipes save lives electronic motorcycle makes no noise at all never catch me on one

  13. Avatar

    I want something loud so the idiots know you are there.

  14. Avatar

    Electric motorcycles ,Tesla cars and electric cars, get there power from power plant. I work at one in the southeast u.s. They burn 4 million pounds of coal a hour at peak load. Tell how Any of these machines are zero emissions someone could please explain this to me

  15. Avatar

    Electric vehicles like this don't have "ignition" switches.

  16. Avatar

    If the engine is so quiet, why is the guy running it on the dyno wearing ear protection!?!?!?

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    Hmmm, ride a motorcycle that doesn't contribute to air pollution????
    Well all the raw materials come from somewhere, especially the batteries, possibly the worst part of the bike for not being "GREEN" mining, transportation half way around the world for manufacturing! Then the energy to charge them comes from somewhere, energy is not free and never will be! In the long run it may be GREENER than a petrol engine but it has and will continue to generate air pollution! So perhaps a change of the opening line of this video is in order!

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    It ain’t a motorcycle If it ain’t screamin

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    time is money specialy in romania 😜🖕💰 u thin i can afford waiting to charge this 10.000 $ shit ???!!!

  20. Avatar

    Electric bike pull up to a Gas Station…
    Gas Attendant: Fill 'er up Sir?
    Rider: No, tanks..

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