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How Its Made – 1034 natural rubber

How Its Made Season 21 episode 6 natural rubber

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  1. Avatar

    When European explorers were around, it was a whole different….ball game. 🙄

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    Adding a net or screen over the cut and the collection container would eliminate having to lose rubber due to contamination and would speed up production.

  3. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this video, I visited one factory in Indonesia, I didn't remember it.

  4. Avatar

    1:17 dat voice crack tho

  5. Avatar

    Todo esse conteudo podia ter em portugues.

  6. Avatar

    How natural rubber is made… should be very short

  7. Avatar

    Looks like my kupal

  8. Avatar

    Figured out why I don't really like the woman's voice…she keeps saying "they do this…" "They…".
    Where as the guy says "a worker does…" "A specialist does.." etc..

  9. Avatar

    Oh rubber tree oh rubber tree

  10. Avatar

    So all rubber in the world is mixed with a stick….and it’s tree blood

  11. Avatar

    "When the European explorers came around it was soon a whole new ballgame"
    Lol really underestimates European colonization

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    Azemina Kujundzic

    I have to watch this because of online classes

  13. Avatar

    And leaves a ribbed pattern on the sheets for her pleasure

  14. Avatar

    So spellbinding that I watched it twice!

  15. Avatar

    Germans call rubber Gummi

  16. Avatar

    That tree and my wrists have something in common.

    JK probably not funny but that’s the first thing I though it looked like. Someone who cuts themselves.

  17. Avatar

    I wonder if dummies/pacifiers use only the amber sheets because of peoples perception or if the rubber turns amber when processed for a teat.

  18. Avatar

    airplane wheels

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