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How Iowa farmers are viewing the 2020 race

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports from Iowa on what farmers have to say about the president’s trade deals, the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.

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    Why are animals still branded in 2020? There are much better ways to keep track. Why cause inhumane pain to track by number when modern technology can provide a more humane solution.

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    #BidenThinksHesRunningAgainstGeorgeBush #LoL

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    #TRUMP2Q2QLANDSLIDE Roses Are Red Kamala's Not Black Joe's In The Basement And Hunters On Crack! #Truth #Facts #ChinaJoeTraitorForGTNO2Q2Q

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    Wish they’d go to no til agriculture.

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    Farmers got massive welfare packages. Looks like socialism isn't that bad after all.

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    Vote for Trump if you believe China is a real threat not only to US but also to the world. Biden Family has unethical ties to China and he does not speak against China on China Virus.

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    Theres more than just economic reasons to get the vote out this year!! But as far as the economy goes why would you vote twice for the guy who destroyed it in the first place? Most republicans in resent memory the only return you get is usually a recession!! Wake up!!

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    It's good to know that some of these folks have sense. To bad it's just not enough of them.

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    Instead of the 37 billion stimulus handouts to farmers let's hope they're ready to earn and sell their products.

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    Iowa gave Obama a victory in the Nation’s first Caucus & jumpstarted his run for the nomination & then voted for Obama both times in the Presidential elections.,

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    Anthony Panteleimon

    All Bull Central always creating stories against the truth and against the Most Honourable POTUS Trump. We are all on to all you fake news dirtbags.

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    Average individual with a Smart Phone

    I’m fine whomever wins, the real question is does everybody else feel the same way?

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    … hold up. report this again.

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    Nathaniel Anderson

    Trump paid farmers for their losses because of the tariffs. But he made people wait in line for a box of food during the pandemic. And he forced millions of Americans off of foodstamps by making it difficult for workers to make DFCS meetings, interviews, and renewals.
    This really hurt the poor.
    And the damage he did to
    the EBT program will take a while to repair. People don't realize that EBT doesn't just feed poor and underpaid people, it pays owners and stock holders for grocery stores and chains, it pays farmers, and it pays the industries that develop seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and it helps pay for farming equipment and other farming infrastructure.
    Our farmers feed much of the world. There is no reason why anyone should go hungry in our country. People should be encouraged to develop organic homesteading, so we can have better quality food.
    And we should subsidies food with the EBT program. Farmers should grow for quality, not quantity. Capitalism has ruined the agricultural industry in the United States. Our food has become increasingly toxic , and tasteless. And it has become less nutritious. Runoff from farms who use toxic chemicals to produce the most per acre, is destroying our rivers, lakes and oceans. There is a better way, and we should seek it out. Farming should not be about gambling. Farmers should be paid for their work regardless of the weather.

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    Biden 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Redneck model Wendy

    Corydon Iowa” Highschool “ we not happy with the Chump”

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    TEGRIDY FARMS. Ranked Number 1 farm in all USA
    they sure know what they doing + they have tegrity

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    "You can be tough without being a bully" … that could have been a good slogan. And its true, walk softly and carry a big stick, not tweet eradically and sink the country

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    This Farmer is voting for Trump

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    I’m in Ag and I will never trust a Republican again.

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    Trump is singlehandedly killing America and Americans.

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    Also factory farms are run by huge corporations who keep most of the money while the small farms do all the work! we could feed everyone with all the food we feed the animals plus have no pandemics resulting from people eating animals!

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    Go vegan! Save lives!

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    Could you show a little more about the Hunter Joe Biden scandals with China Ukraine and Russia that the New York post released and also show the Hunter photos as well thanks 😊

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    You vote for Trump then you deserve it.

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    Trump kill Iowa Farmer…tell Trump go the hill

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    Trump will destroy farmers with a trade war with China

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    Vote Biden Harris cause Trump will sacrifice Iowa Trump can't be trusted

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    “Voted for Trump again”
    What a moron.

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    The cattle farmer with what looked lie an Aussie cattle dog is farmer. The corporates don't give a rat's about the local communities usually bad neighbours

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    Many, many Trump supporters are voting for:

    HERD IMMUNITY = Covid death rate out of control = 235,159+.

    THEFT = Billionaire pays $750 a year on tax and hires criminals.

    RACISM = Aug 2017 Very fine people on both sides..

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    Donny the Dummy, removed funding for both the WHO and the US pandemic task force.

    Taiwan, New Zealand and China all used the WHO 3 point no-vaccine plan and are Covid-free.

    6 failed businesses are proof of Trump being a 6 time failure.

    235,159+ Dominated American deaths later and Trump is a 7 time failure! Vote Biden..

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    Do you have $200,000? What about your mum, dad, friends and neighbours?

    Trump paid $750 tax last year. You work hard, pay tax and then pay a tax cheat's Covid bill.

    US Covid = 235,159+ Taiwan = 7 (x33,594) New Zealand = 25 (x9406) China = 4,634 (x50)..

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    Nice to see people get what they voted for. Tariffs are easy!

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    Well they voted for trump they get what they deserve

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    America sells more to Australia than we sell back .
    So by Trumps logic we should put a tax on all your goods .
    This first farmer has had over half of his profits taken away by Trump's trade war against China and Trump will NEVER win so he can expect to go under by the time Trump leaves office if he wins again .
    What an idiot .
    You have a trade surplus with Australia .
    We have a trade surplus with china .
    You can't be in front with every country in the world .
    Not going to happen .
    Trump is poisoning the minds of people and bringing them down .
    Trump is not a business man and never will be .

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    We all know if Texas, Iowa and Georgia is declared for Biden it equals MAJOR ELECTION FRAUD! #TRUMP2020 KEEP OUR STOCK MARKET HIGH AGAIN!!

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    You can thank the cargill family for corporatization of farms. Oh wait , y’all don’t even know who that is lol 😂

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    Noneofyourbusiness Noneofyourbusiness

    Nailed it…
    "You can still be tough without being a bully"…
    This man is intelligent, compassionate and smart!

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    Thanks, Iowa! I hope you go blue, but if not, we love you anyway.

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    Biden is cancer to Iowa…

    Why would he even go there?!?!

    Delusions of a halfbaked lifetime politician…

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