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How GDP Tells Us if We're in a Recession | WSJ

The U.S. economy contracted 4.8% in the first quarter of 2020. With the coronavirus crisis continuing into the summer, economists are expecting an even steeper contraction in the second quarter. WSJ’s Carter McCall explains how GDP is calculated and how the coronavirus is impacting the equation. Photo Illustration: Jacob Reynolds/WSJ

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks it really tells me everything

  2. Avatar

    So much concern for measures of economic activity and so little concern for what that economic activity means for the lives of individuals. Yikes.

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    Awesome explanation

  4. Avatar

    Such a stupid premise for a video. The reason it's important to tell us if there is a recession is because that's the definition of a recession. 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.
    It's not as was mentioned "two consecutive quarters of growth". A recession is certainly not two consecutive quarters of negative GNI growth…or earnings growth… or income growth.

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    This is not news. We have already known the world is in a recession. The big question is if there is going to be the greatest economic depression the world have ever experienced sine WWII at the end of the line.

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    We need you ta tell us’

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    so how to capitalize on it? what areas to invest in to reap big gains when the economy turns around?

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