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How does South Bend feel about 'Mayor Pete' for President?

The Washington Post traveled to South Bend, Ind. to talk to locals about Mayor Pete Buttigieg joining the crowded field of Democrats running for president. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    If you are a supporter of Pete I would suggest looking at some of Andrew yangs policies

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    Still wouldn't vote for Pete just cause is political views and that he is the type to throw the fact that he is gay at us all the time. I wouldn't care if he was gay or not but he make it hard not to care about it when he throws it at you every day. When he started his campaign he didn't have his policies that he would want done set, But the others do why vote for a man that threw his hat in but had no policies set.

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    Centrism, corporatist, neolib, and out of touch. Pete Buttigieg is a wolf in sheep clothing. He is excepting corporate money, PAC money, and is in line with the Clinton's and the warmongering regime change mentality. He might be a good guy, but his policy & politics are not good for the country, and have not aligned with the what the majority of the nation has expressed they want.

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    The man who is now president have been married 3 times(in the Bible that’s wrong), have children with different woman, been unfaithful with pornstars and what have you, a man who only thinks about himself, loves money and spending, bullies people, yet religious people see true that…….here comes a man who is intelligent, well spoken, kind, caring, have a vision for change and are wonderful, and just because he is gay that’s a problem? This is why I am atheist, religion have this way(not all,but many) to make people ignorant and hateful. I really believe in this man, I hope with all my heart that he becomes president. The world is becoming so harsh under Trump and his administration , we don’t need that darkness over us…..

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    What a political fluff piece. I live in tge shithole of South Bend, Indiana. But what else can we expect from the Democrat controlled rag WaPo. Mayor Pete is famous for the many roundabouts he obviously spent our street maintenance dollars on because the roads in SB are destroying our vehicles from their disrepair. But we have roundabouts. The roads that were repaired last only a couple of months before they too break down. Apparently the construction companies used for new roads in SB are giving him an 'incentive' to overlook such obvious shoddy work. Otherwise they should be sued and blacklisted ….but they are not. This 'wonderful' mayor of South Bend can take no credit for Trumps economy. He HATES President Trump. Just last week our gracious mayor, while campaigning, invited 30,000+ illegal immigtants to our crumbling city because its not packed to what HE needs in taxes/more like federal assistance to keep this socialist bending city afloat. And did the WaPo mention that his father is a professor of Marxist Studies at NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY?(another socialist bastion) Consider the source promoting this Communist wanabe. PETE BUTTPLUG , as he is commonly known here, is only a nice man to his sycophants. The rest of his constituents are glad he's no longer going to be making downtown pretty at the expense of the entire coty. Good riddance Mayor Pete. Any fool that votes for this….man has the same mentality as those fools who still think that Oblamo's administration had no scandals. Truth hurts.

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    Pete the great white gay racist

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    Can they also mention campaign donors which were given contracts for the housing plan? Also that violent crimes went up nearly 40% from when he became major and replaced a police chief? Assaults alone raised over 100%. What happened? Why such a dramatic increase?

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    This video literally told us zero. What were his policies like as mayor? Are low income people of South Bend feeling like life has improved? What are some tangible things he's done beyond having a good personality, which most of the other candidates also have as well?

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    What a fluff piece. Let’s here both sides. Washington post be journalists. This is a campaign promo.

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    Identity politics did not work for Hillary. They will not work for Pete, either.

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    He''s an establishment democrat (Not a real progressive democrat) which means he is endorsed big corporations. If people really want change, they wouldn''t vote for him. But of course no one does their research

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    As a Southbend resident I've noticed that mayor Pete has consistently helped out businesses more than the actual Community itself. My friends and I live in some pretty rough neighborhoods. We have in abundance of vacant and abandoned properties not being used for anything.I've actually seen more things done with Notre Dame in downtown with the businesses than anywhere else. Pete is a decent guy as an individual I don't care for him as a politician. And don't get me started about the tapes that he won't release.

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    This video is 4 mins longer than it should be
    Bc it's titled how some one feels
    The answers is either good or bad u can't simply feel anything else this video was explaining how they thought but lied and told us that it was a video if feeling which would have tooken 6 secs

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    Mayor Pete's base motive is to serve. After that, he is a good listener and an excellent communicator, smart, creative, energetic, and wants the best for everyone. Robert F. Kennedy reincarnated … without the inherited wealth and big name. I hope America listens to him!

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    Since mayor Pete took over we moved up 2 spots on the 50 worst cities to live in
    He tried lowering crime and raising education by making south bend white again the 90% minority population on the south side of Notre Dame is now 90% white, bought out and condemn their property now the property values have more than tripled people made millions of minority property while they got scraps demolition job on the wooden Indian motel resulting in more homeless minority
    Riley high school largely minority was in ruins mean while Pete pulls off a shady land deal to build St. Joe high populated by mostly rich white kids
    Secretly recording or 1st African American police chief
    Most of the money came from Mike pence that mayor Pete used to rebuild south bend

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    Look. Im muslim and my faith is completely against this mans sexual preference. Aside from him having to clean up the issues with corrupt police racists remarks recorded on phone tappings and getting active with south bends Black and latino community. I hope this Guy becomes America's next President. He's doing a lot for South Bend.

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    Mayor Pete Buttigieg says he’s a gay Christian. No one practicing homosexuality is a Christian. Mayor Buttigieg, an Episcopalian, they no longer go by the Bible. They have gay pastors.
    " Buttigieg should repent. As a Christian I believe the Bible which defines homosexuality as sin, something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized. The Bible says marriage is between a man & a woman—not two men, not two women.
    – Franklin Graham

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