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How Doctors Stay Safe Battling Coronavirus | WSJ

Healthcare workers who treat the new coronavirus wear personal protective equipment, or PPE, designed to prevent exposure to infectious materials. Here’s how the equipment works, and why it’s crucial in the battle against the epidemic. Photo: Getty Images

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    This is what's supposed to be used… Now go to a hospital and see if workers, medical staff included have access to ppe… This will spread. Unfortunately.

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    wearing these protective suits you can walk in anywhere and act like a burglar any place you want

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    How Seal Team 6 failed to assassinate me?

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    Hi I am my time here during the virus if you could give it a watch it would massively help me, Stay safe everyone. I thought it was getting better but it seems like it seems to be spreading more world wide now.

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    I don't know about them, but the reporters keep virus at bay using green screens 😉

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    Everyone is suspicious until the Chinese man cough im from Iraq and we confirmed the first case u can searching for more

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    1700+ doctors or nurses have been infected

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