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How Different Flights Around the World Look During a Pandemic | WSJ

As airports and airlines around the world continue to operate in the midst of a global pandemic, not every flight and region has the same Covid-19 protocols. Three WSJ reporters flew to different regions around the world to look at how air travel has changed.

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  1. Avatar

    Well… now I’m not flying anywhere commercial.
    Anyone wanna take a jet to Aspen January?

  2. Avatar

    Do not order a "Corona" on the flight!

  3. Avatar
    Wise Canadian Woman

    Informative piece

  4. Avatar

    Seeing empty airports is really sad.

  5. Avatar

    flew from cairo to istanbul and istanbul to los angeles all on turkish, definitely the safest plane with the highest standards as they provided a meal, sanitizing bag with 3 masks, sanitized blankets and middle seats blocked off, bathrooms were constantly being sanitized. 5 stars turkish!!!

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    Black Vito - Moneyology

    This would be seen awesome, albeit insensitive, time for a zombies on a plane movie

  7. Avatar

    Still not enforcing 😷 smh

  8. Avatar

    Boarding back to front? I thought planes couldn't be loaded that way because they don't have support under the back of the plane.

  9. Avatar

    I miss traveling 😭

  10. Avatar

    Turkish Airline is the Best

  11. Avatar

    The lousy American Airlines is spreading covid in the US.. Govt should shut them down>>!

  12. Avatar

    The differences between American and Delta can probably be explained by how much debt they are in… American is far more leveraged than Delta and can't afford the loss of seat capacity.

  13. Avatar

    Gosh, those people walking through the isle with their darn backpacks on 🙄🤦‍♀️

  14. Avatar

    I was hoping South Africa would be included. It’s fairly strict here even though travel restrictions have been relaxed. Flight crew are especially protected considering the exposure to passengers, pilots not as much.

  15. Avatar

    So people are slipping

  16. Avatar

    for wsj flights are free

  17. Avatar

    was that a flip phone??? 0:09

  18. Avatar

    Turkish airlines rule 😉

  19. Avatar

    Lets not forget which business spread this virus all over the world…

  20. Avatar
    Maria Andersen - Millionaire in 7 years

    That’s interesting! Thanks!❤️

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    Carlos Eduardo Sartoretto

    100% safe is a myth!

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    Despite all the economic crisis this is still a good time to start up an investment

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    what is that seizure bait at 3:40? Someone needs to talk to the editor.

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    Just make a covid plan with more distant seats and shields in between every person so i dont have to listen or sit next to anyone – The dream

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