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How Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Work | WSJ

Public health authorities, developers and tech companies are working on apps to help us keep track of who we came in contact with and where we’ve been to aid in Covid-19 contact-tracing efforts. WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains the technologies using an 8-bit video game.

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  1. Avatar

    First they need to hire the tracing army and then get all the 5g installed and the you need to download the app so we know where and who you have been with at all times and then Bill gates vaccine will be ready and then we can go back to normal.

  2. Avatar

    UN Agenda 2030 – POLICE STATE Phase – DNA/RNA Database w tracing aka tracking you like an animal app…Open your eyes AMERICA 🇺🇸 NOW!!!!

  3. Avatar

    I have feelings and I get confused alot even with the easiest to understand process. Stop calling me stupid, please you will hurt my feelings.

  4. Avatar

    "download this app or go to jail"

  5. Avatar

    Give us more power, panic, fear, trust the media, trust the multinational corporations, the government is inept the media says so….. give us more power

  6. Avatar

    Just leave your phones at home when leaving your house. Ley the government track you then? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. Avatar

    You wont even need the app????

  8. Avatar
    Cue The Music Man

    This is not ok…. time to get rid of my phone

  9. Avatar

    Her voice is so annoying. Plus no thank you.

  10. Avatar
    Ocean’s Daughter

    Privacy focused what a joke. Will NOT COMPLY

  11. Avatar

    You can trust it if it's an app solely by Apple.

  12. Avatar

    Apple and Google say you have to opt-in. But the way contact tracing will be effective is if everyone joins. I bet you the next ios or android update will automatically opt you in by default and you have to explicitly opt-OUT… but how many people actually read the user agreements and legal gobbledeegook?

  13. Avatar
    Coleman Remington

    Just the idea is disgusting…down vote train incoming. Covid weapon engaged 🦆

  14. Avatar

    Heck with that 👎

  15. Avatar

    Nope nope nope

  16. Avatar

    4th amendment violation, HEPA violation

  17. Avatar

    As if our phones don't already track us enough! This is out of control. But we truly haven't seen anything yet. Wait until the 5g network is fully setup & most devices are 5g capable.

  18. Avatar
    Geoffrey Crayon

    First Google YouTube removed a video of Drs. Erickson and Massihi FROM MY iPHONE. Now Google wants to trace my contacts with other people and our locations. It’s hard living in a Ray Bradbury story.

  19. Avatar

    Why are you trying to infantilize your suscribers with such a goofy video game angle when this subject is one of the most serious and worrying of our time ? It really looks like a sponsored content.

  20. Avatar

    77 americans disliked this video

  21. Avatar

    This is dope

  22. Avatar

    Whyso many dislikes

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Those are some intrusive tools that won’t help you achieve anything. Get used to this as we got used to the common cold and other similar infectious diseases.

  25. Avatar

    Can’t put a human controller on AGI.

  26. Avatar

    This is the Mark of the Beast RIP

  27. Avatar

    never do that intro again.

  28. Avatar
    Michael Burris

    The ven diagram of people who trust both political parties to not misuse their data = zero people.

  29. Avatar
    Roger Jennings

    I guarantee I'll immediately stop carrying my phone if the government tries to force this.

  30. Avatar

    This idea worked in South Korea, but this is 'Murica.

    Individual Privacy>>> Public health safety

  31. Avatar

    Isn't this similar to Nintendo's StreetPass?

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